Mistress Kat of Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Mature, experienced, professional, Amazonian Dominatrix, I live and breathe the lifestyle 24/7. A lady of refined taste, there is absolutely nothing ordinary about me.

Feminine, charismatic, addictive, I’m a true lady with class and come with a plethora of experience. I have great knowledge of many BDSM practices and pride Myself on the connection I create with My subordinates. It doesn’t take Me long to understand your deepest desires, fetishes and submissive tendencies.

I am very exclusive who I allow to serve Me and your first contact will be the make or break of whether I decide to move forward to meeting you, whether online or face to face, so familiarise yourself with My website, pay particular attention to My Etiquette and Sessions pages and triple check your message to Me before you send it!

Mistress Kat

Contact http://www.katvandoorn.co.uk/contact.php

Mistress Erika  

I am a Professional Dominatrix based in Wolverhampton. I have over 10 years of experience. I am  Highly addictive yet sadistically skilled in the art of domination. I have my own fully equipped dungeon.

My Favourite role-play scenarios are: bitchy office boss/employee, Lady of the Manor/chauffeur or butler, strict headmistress/pupil, stern auntie/nephew, sexy landlady/rent-arrears tenant, officious prison warden/inmate, customs officer/suspected smuggler! if you fancy a bit of role play.

Tel 07539838919


Wolverhampton Dominatrix Mistress BDSM and other surrounding areas of Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Oldbury, Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Sutton Coldfield. Do you have a secret craving to be spanked over a woman’s knee when she is wearing black stockings or pantyhose? You’ve never dared to share? Do you want to try it out with someone who will explore your fetish in great detail? A professional dominatrix here in  Wolverhampton will help you release the demon inside you and fulfill your wildest pleasures.

Find a professional dominatrix or strict mistress BDSM dungeon in  Dudley to explore your deep desires, some ladies with over 25 years experience establishing an atmosphere of trust, exploration, and adventure, as they will guide you on your journey, where you may seek the most intense and extremely sensual and sexual experiences in the safe zone of a professional dominatrix play space. On this page, you will find a Mistress to help you expand your horizons. and provide a safe and discreet setting for you to learn more about your fetish, to help you discover and better understand your own personal limits step beyond those boundaries and enter the realms of true fetish fantasy experience.

A professional Mistress will guide you through the exotic expert labyrinth of fetish desire and teach you the error of your ways. Book now and discover a world of pure excitement you have only dreamt of.

A Mistress or Dominatrix into the fetish scene do not offer sexual intercourse, they only offer services of  female domination as part of their service to clients which may include, spanking, caning, bondage, chastity, domination, submissive, girl power control, humiliation services are purely and exclusively for men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-play, tie and tease, along with other different fetishes for her consideration

For those of you with fantasies of more advanced BDSM, fetish, Adult Baby, Hot Wax Play, CBT, reluctant bi, water sports. hard caning, or just looking for something a bit more adventurous, please check the website of the dominatrix/mistress to see if such services are on offer before booking as not to waste each other’s time.

Some of the equipment or services in a dungeon or play space may include: – Crops & canes
– Gimp masks, gas masks and balaclavas – Internal body camera – Dildos and anal plugs – Strapon – Electrics – Tazapper  –  Medical room
– Paddles, tawse, and floggers  – Spanking Bench – Bondage Ropes, restraints, and collars – Strap-on dildo – Leather, bike gear & riding  boots and whipping bench – Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Pantyhose worship – Stocking worship Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of cock rings, and gas masks