The Tambourine Girls

My nylon fetish: A true story by Frank Harper.

The year was 1966.

I was 10 years old when my mother took me to a salvation army meeting in the local miner’s welfare hall in Hatfield, Yorkshire, for the very first time. I remember her saying that we needed to get there early if we wanted a front-row seat. When we arrived, I can still remember rows upon rows of wooden deck chairs in neat straight lines virtually filling them up all the way to the back of the hall, the smell of old books, pipe tobacco, and 1940s varnish filled the air as my mother rushed me along by the hand to grab the front row seats.

Grabbing the 2 seats right at the front of the stage my mother said “Sit down Frank and no fidgeting, and don’t give your seat up to anyone. As I sat there staring at the front of the wooden stage with blue velvet curtains it was quite exciting sitting there as a young boy waiting for the show to start, It seemed like ages had passed but it was probably only a few minutes, and by now the hall was full to the brim of excited people all talking at the same time was deafening.


Then, suddenly, a brass band started playing, Everyone went quiet then, the huge velvet curtains opened and the stage lighting came on to reveal a huge salvation army brass band playing at the back of the stage with 6 wooden deck chares in front of the band, then instantly 6 beautiful ladies playing the tambourine walked on to the stage all dressed in full SA uniform, black skirt, black pantyhose, and black high heels. Obviously, I did not know about stockings or pantyhose at this point, I was only 10 years old. all I knew was they looked beautiful on a woman’s legs

(Pantyhose was invented in the late 1950s by Allen E. Grant and went on sale in 1959. They did not become popular until the mid-1960s (thanks to the mini-skirt).  They were revolutionary because women no longer needed to wear a girdle or garter belt.)


As my eyes darted back and forth between the ladies’ legs my eyes finally settled on the lady directly in front of me as though my brain had decided that this was the girl that had the most gorgeous legs of all, she looked like a lady, Blonde, very shapely breasts, gorgeous backside to compliment those stunning legs, but she must have only been about twenty, so still a girl to most people, I guess.

I could not take my eyes off her beautiful legs as she elegantly moved across the stage, I focused on every square inch as though, my brain had decided that this girl had the best legs as she twirled and danced, my excitement intensified as the hem of her skirt slipped up to reveal more of this beautiful black nylon eye candy, I had just discovered in my brave new nylon world


I could not stop myself from staring at the black seams running up the back of her stunning legs I have never seen anything like this before and I was so unaware I was having this new and so different sexual experience as my willy started to go hard in my shorts.

I don’t know who she is, I don’t even know her name so I decided to call her Emma as one of my favorite ladies was Emma Peel (Diana Rigg in the Avengers) whom I had fantasized about her spanking me over her knee so many nights. I had lots of pictures of her in magazines in the 60s. I would find a suitable picture that entertained my spanking fantasy usually one of her wearing a skirt showing off her stunning lap and wank me self silly a the thought of going over her knee.

I would visit Emma Peel’s private home in my dreams where she would say to me “Frank my boy standards have started to slip. It seems that you need timely reminders. So, I  know how to treat naughty boys who act like brats.”

In my fantasy, Emma would be wearing a white blouse, a long black skirt that parted up the middle with stiletto-heeled peep-toe sling-back sandals, and of course black pantyhose.

I would try to lie and claim that my behavior has been impeccable, but Emma is nobody’s fool and soon gets to the bottom of things. Frank, you’re going to learn the hard way just how you are expected to behave.  Then Emma pulls the slit in her skirt open to reveal her stunning legs then she drags me over her sexy lap and I’m given a hard no nonsense hand spanking straight away over her strict knee. My shorts and underwear are yanked down in order for her to access my bare bottom to feel the full weight of Emma Peel’s hard and heavy hand. I still remember these fantasies as a boy. Diana Rigg Died: on 10th September 2020 (aged 82); in London. 


(From 1965 to 1968, Rigg appeared in the British 1960s television series The Avengers (1961–69) opposite Patrick Macnee as John Steed, playing the secret agent Emma Peel in 51 episodes. She replaced Elizabeth Shepherd at very short notice when Shepherd was dropped from the role after filming two episodes.) I don’t really know where spanking fantasy came from. I wasn’t spanked over the knee as a child, but I loved to watch this sexy actress move and kick ass, and beat up men with ease, perhaps this was where it started not to be beaten up by her as I was just a boy, but to be spanked by her seemed appropriate. she was my inspiration and wanted to go over her knee so desperately. I thought about Dianna Rigg so much as a child and still think about her to this very day. Such a beautiful actress and pin-up.

Diana Rigg Feet

A very sad blow not only for Steed but for us as well. As Emma Peel says goodbye, Tara King, Steps into the shoes of Steed’s New Side kick

Diana Rigg

Anyway! Back to the minor’s hall. Then all the tambourine girls put their left foot up on each chair in unison to reveal even more sexy eye candy which started my blood boiling and I could not stop this overwhelming feeling which was now making my head spin.

What was happening to me? I had seen women wearing nylon stockings and pantyhose before so why was this happening now, I could not understand at such a young age that I had just inadvertently triggered a fetish for a woman’s legs in black nylon stockings or tights, but not just any legs it has to be the one I am staring at right now. EMMA!

Then all the girls suddenly sat down on the deck chairs putting their tambourines on the floor and started to sing a slow song in harmony as Emma brought her stunning legs together her gorgeous knees looked so appealing as I gazed on mesmerized with excitement looking at her delicious lap I was smitten with a desperate need to be close to her gorgeous legs right now, to touch her knees, to feel myself rubbing against her warm thighs, even lick and worship those beautiful nylon clad legs.

Then suddenly the song ended and the band stopped playing, then as if it couldn’t get any worse Emma suddenly crossed her stunning legs to show off a massive expanse of her strong powerful thigh, with rich black nylon stretched over it, that was the moment I knew, I didn’t just need to be spanked by a woman, I needed to be spanked a woman wearing black pantyhose or stocking and black high stiletto heels. and somehow bring this fantasy to life.

I am now 30 years old and still have not had my fantasy brought to reality. and now beginning to wonder if it would ever happen at all. Then, I was offered a great job for a telesales company offering insurance for mobile phones, this was a dream job for me as I was working with loads of stunning girls most of them wearing black pantyhose, so I had to stay focused to do my job and not sit fantasising all day, as my supervisor Miss Collins was ruthless at firing people that did not achieve her goals. Miss Collins a tall, very beautiful brunette in her late thirties, with a gorgeous figure, and the best part was she always wore sexy black skirts, with black pantyhose and high heels. Her long legs were gorgeous with the most adorable well turned strong powerful thighs that her regular visits to the gym had sculptured.

When she walked through the office I couldn’t take my eyes off her stunning physic hoping she would step out from behind someone’s desk to let me see those gorgeous legs, when she did I would scan every inch of nylon and instantly my balls would tighten. I was always slinking off to the bog to wank off while the picture of her legs was still in my mind’s eye and of course, just thinking about her giving me a good hard spanking over those strong powerful thighs. I would joke with my co-worker Sally about Miss Collins’s fabulous legs and the little short skirts she wore and one day I even said out loud in front of Sally that I would love to go over Miss Collins’s knee for a good hard spanking, Big Mistake!

Then one day Miss Collins called me into her office. She said, “A little dicky bird told me that you love black pantyhose and stockings, and my source tells me you would love me to put you over my knee and I give you a good hard spanking across my pantyhose thighs, is this correct?”  Yes, Miss Collins, I replied. Well, I could just sack you as I do not think a lot of work is getting done if you are fantasizing about me every day. But, you have caught me in a good mood today and as I am feeling a little bit Horny I’m thinking we could work something out here. Then she said. then it looks like we are going to have to find a reason to make this happen aren’t we Frank?”  she carried on to say “How would you like this to happen? Fully clothed or naked over my knee? I replied quickly. “Naked miss”. She looked down at her lap and began to stroke her beautiful thighs with her right hand, then she looked me in the eyes and spoke.” Let us make a little deal, shall we?” Ok miss I replied. Then, She suddenly stood up and walked across to a filing cabinet, I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous legs as she walked across the room, she looked so tall in her black sling-back stiletto high heels, then she reached behind the cabinet to produce a very long crook handled school cane, then she walked back and placed it on the desk in front of me, then she sat on the edge of the desk crossing her stunning legs, as she did so she said.

I’m thinking once you get your kit off and your standing by my side waiting to go over my thighs for your spanking you’re going to get an erection and that erection will be digging into the side of my thigh, or I may have to put it between my knees, and as you’re going to be in this position for quite some time I’m thinking that the friction of my thighs against your stiff young cock may make a little mess on my legs, I’m I right Frank?” She said curtly. It might be Miss I replied.


“Here’s the deal Frank” If you do cum over my knee, and make a mess you will have to submit to a caning, I will bend you over the edge of my desk and give you 6 strokes of the cane do you accept this arrangement, Frank? All the time she was talking I could not take my eyes from her beautiful legs, constantly scanning from the tips of her toes to the hem of her black short skirt. my voice now shaking with excitement I replied, “Yes miss” I accept your agreement. Oh! And one more thing Frank. I will be wearing black stockings on the day so you will be required to spread my gorgeous legs and eat my wet juicy pussy until I cum to show your appreciation for the punishment I have just given you.

Now go back to your desk and I will let you know when this little game of ours is going to take place.


As the weeks went by Miss Collins had not approached me at all. I would see from time to time in the call center walking around and discussing work issues with the staff. Those gorgeous legs of hers looked so intimidating and the desire to go over them became stronger and stronger, she would occasionally glance over to my station and stare at me for a few seconds then she would disappear into her office and close the door behind her. I thought at this point she may have had second thoughts about me or just decided to fire me instead to save her the embarrassment of the whole ordeal.

Then one day I was taking calls at my station with only minutes left until the call center closed for the day then suddenly her office door opened and she just popped her head around the corner of the open door and looked straight at me then raising her right had beckoned me over with the come here gesture of her index finger then disappeared into her office leaving the door ajar. I instantly stood up and walked over to her office pushing the door open and walked in. Miss Collins was sitting at the desk in front of me on a phone call with someone with her gorgeous legs crossed and her heels on a chair in front of her. Then then putting her right hand over the phone she whispered “Take a seat Frank I’ll be right with you” at the same time pushing the chair away from her with her right foot, I sat down opposite her and waited for her to finish her call all the time my eyes fixed on her stunning legs.

It felt like ages had passed on the phone but it must have only been a couple of minutes then she finally ended the call and put the phone down. Then she walked over to the door and turned the key locking the door behind her then she walked back and sat in the same position as she did before.

Saying “I know it has been a while Frank, I wanted to make you wait so you would be desperate to go across my knee. Do you like my legs today, Frank? They are 60 denier black pretty poly stockings with lace tops and they go all the way up to my freshly shaved pussy”. As soon as she said that my cock went instantly rock hard in my pants. Then she said stand up Frank take off all your clothes and go stand in the corner with your hands on your head. I instantly did as she said with a nervous fumble to get out of my pants and shoes, as soon as I got everything off, I rushed and stood in the corner as she had requested and faced the wall, just as well as my cock was sticking out proudly and 9 inches fully hard and veiny and my throbbing intensely.


I must have stood there for 10 minutes or more then Miss Collins finally spoke. “Come here Frank and stand here, Miss Collins was sitting in a green Chesterfield chair as she pointed to the floor on her right-hand side.


Her eyes instantly engaged with my throbbing cock as I stood beside her patiently waiting for the spanking I had fantasied for such a long time, then she reached out her right hand and started gently stroking my stiff cock, and said “Is this with looking at my legs Frank?” as she tilted her glasses with her left hand as though to inspect my now even harder cock.