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The sexy London girl was told not to open Pandora’s Box. Now she has, she is in form the hardest fucking of her young life! Take my advice! Don’t open the boxes below unless you crave more!

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Would you like to be punished like this? Many men dream of being punished in this way by a beautiful strict woman fully clothed in stockings and heels. Whilst being spanked over her nylon covered thighs he dribbled some spunk onto her stockings and now he must pay a high price, so she has decided on the no escaping punishment, tied up this way the victim is entirely at the mercy of the strict disciplinarian and she will show no pity or remorse in delivering harsh meaningful punishment to his deserving backside for cumin over her knee,  and won’t stop until she is totally convinced  he has atoned for his sins.

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As the 12 inches of solid muscular cock penetrated her tight little pussy hole it almost took her breath away! she had dreamt about being fucked by a big cock for such a long time and now her fantasy had come to reality she didn’t know if she could endure the hard shafting she was about to receive. the sensation was heavenly with each pounding stroke of the awesome penis, but she knew she would just have to lay back and take the hard fucking until the monster cock was satisfied!

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Anna’s husband Steve didn’t like her wearing a short skirt and stocking to work, It had driven him mad all day to think she would be flashing her gorgeous nylon covered legs around the office and allowing her skirt to ride up to tease the city boys when she crossed her stunning legs exposing her firm thighs. That night as soon as Anna walked through the door she is was so unaware that she was in for the fucking of her life!