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melisande sin Poland

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I’m an experienced SM player with a taste for deeply psychological power exchange games, sadism and strict bondage. I also enjoy breath and medical play. Although I like to use corporal punishments (especially riding crop and single tail), my main power tools are sensory deprivation, chastity, tease & denial.

My guilty pleasures are foot fetish and anything latex, rubber. I also have a liking for nylons, boots (all kinds, long, ankle, laced or not) and Pleaser shoes. I’m not a big fan of leather. Read More

website  melisandesin.com

email  contact@melisandesin.com

Poland Dominatrix Mistress BDSM Directory of beautiful Polish ladies with strong powerful thighs offering over the knee spanking, heel worship,  and domination services in the following areas of  Poland’s capital and largest metropolis is Warsaw. Other major cities include Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Szczecin.

e-mail: mayasassistant@protonmail.com

website: https://www.mayasin.net

Instagram: @maya_sin_

Twitter: @_MayaSin_

Maya Sin

Mystical Goddess – Mind Hacker – Trainer Of Men  
Tired of having to be on top of all your duties and making all the decisions? In need of a strong, beautiful and assertive woman to harness your unruly male desire? Do you take pleasure in the thought of serving and pleasing her? Will you go out of your way to do so and be proactive about it? Are you accomplished in your professional life, yet still looking for meaning? You have come to the right place. Read More 


House of Sin

House of SIn Poland

We derive considerable satisfaction from embodying these roles and entering what feels like another world during the long hours spent by our submissives in our studio. Experimenting with you is the ultimate fulfilment of our fantasies in BDSM. If you ever wondered what it is like to be a real slave, prisoner or guinea pig and be kept in the hands of a beautiful, cruel woman… to trade the track of time, reality and contact with the outside world, for a sense of belonging, obedience and devotion – We invite you to get in touch. Tell us about your deepest fantasies, and maybe we’ll find a common ground…

Website www.houseofsin.pl


Melisande Sin Poland

Goddess Lady Lilith




Email:  ladylilithbdsm@gmail.com


Website ladylilith.org


A Mistress or Dominatrix into the fetish scene in Poland, Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow does not offer sexual intercourse, they only offer services of  female domination as part of their service to clients which may include, spanking, caning, bondage, chastity, domination, submissive, girl power control, humiliation services are purely and exclusively for men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-play, tie and tease, along with other different fetishes for her consideration.

– Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of gas masks – Spanking Bench
– Whips – Rope or chain winch. We hope you enjoy your BDSM

– calm, cruel sadist – tall Woman – bossy, leader – coerced bi – psychologically analytical mastermind – young, edgy boss – the only boss you will want to listen to – edgy look
– tattooed goddess – my body is a canvas to worship – tagging/branding my slaves with tattoos – psychology student – dungeon owner – elaborate role play – big on role play
– longer sessions – sessions over 24h – foot goddess – sensory deprivation – latex fetishist – fetish fashion icon – Alpha female – not a Queen – themed fantasy photoshoots
– lesbian domination – couple counselling – opening up about fetishes – BDSM furniture designer

I would like the sexy European dominatrix Lady Electra Germany to put me across her sexy knee and spank me so hard I won’t be able to sit down for a week.