The day I became a cock sucking cum eating sissy slut

I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.


I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt. The famous opening line from the movie Stuck in Love 2012. The movie is about lost love and new romances, and the endless deep hurt a person feels when their relationship falls apart. Love is a drug, and we all need to feel loved. When we lose that love it leaves us in pieces devastatingly broken. It’s so very true. We have all experienced this addictive love drug at some point in our lives. it’s like taking love heroin that you can never have again.

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman that not only turned your head but also totally captivated you to the point you just couldn’t take your eyes away? And it did hurt to look at her because you just knew, she was way out of your league. she would never notice you in a million years, especially if you’re old and she is much younger, your heart fills with pain because you could never have her, every inch of her stunning body is just so magical, her face, her hair, her breasts, her legs, her ass, and what she is wearing only magnifies the lust and desire you feel inside. And yes, you would worship the ground she walks on, and no amount of mind fuck login will take away the craving you feel inside to be with her.


Men are either hopeless romantics, or realists, romantics, can fixate on one particular woman and carry the flame for her only over a long period, realists will go in for the kill, and if the answer is no, instantly forget about her and move on to the next beautiful girl they see, rejection never puts them off, so do they get laid more than romantics?

Yes! For some younger guys it’s the thrill of the chase, any chance to engage with as many beautiful women as they possibly can, nothing ventured nothing gained, right, but for older guys, it can be a lot more challenging and extremely more difficult to be successful in winning over a beautiful young woman. I am a hopeless romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and always when I get my heart broken it seems to last forever with no respite unless I meet someone new to take the pain away.  Sometimes we meet someone who totally captivates our life in such a big way, we become infatuated with that person, this feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for this person can spiral out of control to the point where we will do anything for that person just to be please them, even if they treat us like doormats. This is such a story.

It all started when I attended a company training course at a hotel in Manchester in 2015, my firm had rented a meeting room for the occasion, I had attended this course before, nothing different same old faces I had seen over the years. The tables were laid out into two rows, long ways to the room, and as not everyone had arrived yet I was able to get the best seat, not too close to the front so I wouldn’t be repeatedly bombarded with questions, about the middle so I could still see what was going on.

Then a magical event suddenly happened. This beautiful woman caught my eye.  As she walked into the room, everything just stopped and seemed to go into slow motion, I fixed my gaze on her as she elegantly walked in and sat down right opposite me, instantly, I was drawn to her beauty, she just oozed sexiness, so sexy in fact I had a little tingle of excitement in my balls that I had never experienced for such a long time.

As she made herself comfortable in her seat, she picked up the place card in front of her and wrote her name on it, Lynda Sheffield division, and placed it in front of her on the table. I had never seen her before, so guessed she was a new employee. Lynda I was guessing was in her early 30’s standing tall at about 6.1, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a very attractive, mesmerizing beautiful face, super sexy, with a rocking body. I could tell from her stunning physique she worked out regularly. Instantly I was smitten with the love drug.

She was immaculately dressed, wearing a tight grey dress with black flecks that her gorgeous ample breasts looked like they would burst out of at any minute, sheer black pantyhose, but so sheer, they could have been stockings but hard to tell, 4-inch stiletto ankle strap court shoes, with a black cut out heel.

Sitting directly across from her I could see all of her stunning body, although I must admit, the thing that attracted me to her the most was her gorgeous legs, she played with the hem of her skirt pulling it up, then down, across her stunning strong thighs, constantly moving and playing with her legs in a teasingly delicious way under the table. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. And tried very hard to make my lusting gaze not so noticeable just in case she caught my glance.


I literally lusted after her for 3 hours before lunchtime came around, during lunch I watched her as she sat eating alone, scanning every inch of her striking body from this new angle in the cafeteria. Then, again in the afternoon, the training resumed, and once again I was afforded the sight of her stunning beauty sitting opposite her.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous legs, then, I spotted her looking at me out of the corner of her eye in a sly way that could have been anything, from a fancy to a,   stop lusting after me you creep. This lustful glancing on my part went on for some time, well into the afternoon.


Then the training course was finally over we all headed to our rooms in the hotel to freshen up and be downstairs ready for an early evening meal, with a free bar to boot. After dinner, we all got chatting with friends and colleagues in the bar. I noticed loads of guys around Lynda but she did keep looking over my way from time to time. She was pretty much dressed the same but had changed into a black skirt and mustard blouse.

After a few drinks I noticed she was finally sitting alone at a table for two in a tube chair, so I plucked up courage and went to sit across from her in the opposite tube chair at the table. We chatted for a while about work, and as one drink followed another I told her she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen,  and I would like to meet with her again. She said that’s so kind, but I just not interested in dating anyone right now I’m just getting over a relationship. I was gutted, to say the least, and for a few months, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

Then, as luck would have it a few months later. I bumped into her in a boutique in Sheffield shopping center, she was all by herself and still looked amazing, she was wearing a short white thin skimpy dress, bare suntanned legs, and red open toe heels. At first, I wasn’t sure if she was pleased to see me or not, we chatted for a while about general rubbish, Instantly, the lustful feelings from our first encounter erupted on to the surface of my heart,  OMG! she is still so beautiful, what the hell am I going to do, I so desperately want to see her again, I took a chance and said. It is so lovely to see you again, would you like to go for a coffee? I could see in her face she was a bit reluctant to go but me being persistent she eventually agreed, luckily the boutique had a small coffee shop at the back so she couldn’t really escape me,  she sat down across from me crossing her gorgeous legs high in such a way that I just couldn’t take my eyes off.

I just don’t know what came over me, It just crossed my mind that I would probably never bump into her again and this chance would be gone forever, it’s time to be a realist not a romantic, that thought still in my head I didn’t hesitate and boldly said to her “Lynda I just can’t take my eyes off your gorgeous legs” She replied “I know, I’ve noticed” to which I replied, “I don’t suppose there would be any chance of me spreading them and eating your sweet pussy”?

The silence was deafening, as she looked away from making any eye contact with me, she kept so still, it looked like she was going to just stand up and walk out of the coffee shop in disgust, but to my total surprise, she suddenly she turned her head towards me making direct eye contact, and said, “There may be a possibility, it depends on whether or not you have sucked cock before”?

Wow! That took me by surprise! I didn’t expect that reply. I hesitated for a moment and said “I haven’t, but I would be willing to do anything for this opportunity to taste your sweetness.”

Ok! She said quickly, I have an idea to run by you that may be of interest if you really want to get into me, let’s just see how far you are prepared to go for the opportunity to taste my pussy, but before we go any further do you have any other fetishes you would like to share with me?

I needed a moment to think this through. OMG! What if I tell her about my spanking fetish and she completely decides I’m a total spaz and calls the whole thing off? But then again what have I got to lose? Shit! I’m actually going to tell her.

I took my time with my replied trying to choose the words carefully in a rehearsed fashion. “Yes, I do, I have a spanking fetish! As a child, I was regularly spanked by my older step-sister’ Sarah. she was a beautiful but sadistic, manipulating bitch, she knew the power she had with her stunning figure and the magnetic desire between those gorgeous legs of hers, and boy did she use it to get what she wanted.

The boys at school would make friends with me in the hope of a chance meeting with her, or possibly get one step closer to dating her, and that’s no exaggeration, so, you can imagine, the first time she put me over her sexy inviting lap for a spanking,  It was an intoxicating heavenly event.

Mostly when she spanked me, she always wore blue jeans or black opaque pantyhose with a short skirt. It’s as if she just knew it turned me on, although, it was never said. She was so fit, she had great legs, and every time I looked at them I just thought about sex, when she spanked me, it was always hard and very painful. with well over 100/200 hard slaps across my bare buttocks, depending on my naughtiness.


Always it hurt like hell, but at the same time was so exciting, I remember my head trailing on the floor while over her knee, and the horny sweet smell of her sweaty feet through her trainers, as well as the sight of her shapely legs and her gorgeous ass, all added to this exciting moment.

The friction of my penis rubbing against her thighs soon made my cock rock hard and dig into her strong powerful athletic legs, until, little droplets of spunk would trickle out of my now pulsating cock onto her warm tights like a disgusting slimy snail trail, this would make her so furious that she would spank me even harder and harder until, my bum was so hot and turned on, as soon as the punishment was over, I would dash to the toilet to relieve myself with a cum gushing hand job.

She was a real striking sexy babe, with nice breasts, with an adorable ass that looked so perfect in tight jeans, it drove me nuts, so much so,  I use to  wank off over her every chance I got,  one day she noticed I had a hard-on looking at her. I made the mistake of telling her that I jerked off thinking about her stunning ass in blue jeans, so, she made me pay her 50 quid to wank off over her sexy denim ass.

She knew the spankings were exciting me, and the fact I looked forward to them made her re-think her situation. Then she told me she would only agree to spank me in return for me either paying her cash or, if I couldn’t pay,  eating her sweet pussy after the spanking. I instantly agreed, she was a real sexy bitch so an absolute pleasure to taste her juicy cunt. So a skirt and no knickers became the dress code for a spanking over her knee.

Looking across at Lynda I said,” I just love black stockings and pantyhose, especially worn by a beautiful woman especially with stiletto heels, and I fantasize about being spanked all of the time. I just can’t help it!

Lynda, I am in total lust for your stunning legs. My bum is my erogenous zone and when stimulated, creates a sexual response like no other, a good hard spanking is given by you over your sexy lap will result in one hell of an orgasm for me.

”She continued. “I really don’t have time for a relationship, or a boyfriend as I’m so busy with my career, but having said that I do get horny and need a good seeing too from time to time”.

She explained. Every first Wednesday in the month the next one being 2 weeks time, I have sex with a stud friend of mine, a bodybuilder, super fit, handsome, well-endowed, and as he fancies the knickers off me, he will do anything I say for the chance to fuck me, and as I love his huge cock,  So, I invite him to my home once a month to fuck me senseless.

If you want the opportunity to taste my pussy you need to prove yourself to me first. I will make a deal with you. I will place you in chastity so you are mine and mine only and I control your orgasms from now on. At that, she took a small chastity device from her bag and said you will wear this until our meeting on Wednesday.

She stood up and said. “Follow me to the toilets and I will lock your cock away until we meet again, at that she stood up and started walking,  I instantly followed her to the ladies feeling a bit afraid but at the same time strangely excited, once inside she pushed me into a cubical and closed the door firmly behind her.

Pushing me against the wall of the cubical she kissed me passionately, at the same time using her right hand she pulled my zipper down and in seconds she had my cock in her hand She took the Chasity device which was already unlocked, clamping it around my cock before It had a chance to stiffen. Then she said. “No wanking for you slave, If you do get a hard-on now, it will be very very painful indeed.

Then she pulled up my zipper and we left the toilets and returned to the place we had been sitting before in the coffee shop. Lynda sat down and said in a very strict manner. “You will wear the device until we meet again in 2 weeks, if you tamper with the device or try to remove it in any way the deal is off.

You will come to my home just a few streets from here, I will text you the address 2 days before,  You will arrive 30 minutes before the bull arrives.  I may let you have a little lick of my pussy to make it nice and wet for the bull to just slip his huge cock in as I can be a little tight and dry sometimes.  I don’t take any chances, I like my cock stiff and hard so I insist he takes Viagra before we start. you will just sit in the corner of the room and watch me get fucked hard by the bull’s huge cock, the bull likes to take his time, he likes to tease me by fucking me in different positions. his cock sometimes makes me scream it’s just so big,  I usually have several orgasms then he usually finishes me off taking me doggy style with a massive pussy pounding which usually makes him come deep in my cunt hole, leaving one messy cream pie, once he comes I will call you over to me, on your knees you will lick and eat up every drop of his spunk out of my cum soaked pussy, inside and out, along with any splashes on my stockings and legs.

Then it’s the bull’s turn; He will still be rock hard from the Viagra and usually wants me to suck him off to another orgasm, but usually, I am so drained I just can’t face a long blow job, that’s where you come in. You will take the bull’s cock in your mouth This will be your job every time we meet. You will take his stiff cock in your mouth and suck him dry, swallowing every drop of jizz from his stiff veiny shaft. The Chasity device will remain in place until you have sucked off the bull to his satisfaction. Do you understand? Yes, Lynda, I understand.

If you carry out this task well. 2 days later I will agree to give you the hard painful spanking you crave over my black stocking thighs. and I guarantee you will have my sweet juicy pussy all to yourself. you can show me your appreciation for the spanking I will have given you over my knee.