I have a serious fetish for a woman’s legs and feet in black pantyhose

A really exciting clip of heel and pantyhose foot worship

I have a serious fetish for a woman’s legs and feet, especially women who wear  black pantyhose, it totally drives me crazy! and that’s to say the very least. When I see a sexy woman wearing black pantyhose with heels I immediately get this insatiable desire to want to suck on her heels, lick her shoes, then eat her pussy.

I know all that gorgeous nylon is going all the way to the very top, all the way to her crotch, then I get this picture in my head of sexy lacy black panties covered in sleek black nylon, and behind it all is a beautiful wet juiced pussy just waiting for the attention of my tongue.

I think I know where this fetish originated from. When I was a young boy, every Sunday, I would go to watch the salvation army band play at the minors hall, not many attended, so, it was easy to get a good seat right at the front. it was an all girl band, kitty, who played guitar, (and can I say at this point some 10 years older than me, about 23 years old,) she was absolutely  gorgeous, and so sexy, with a fantastic slim figure and long blonde hair. I was passionately in love with her, although she didn’t know I had a crush on her.  She would sit on a hard backed chair on stage right on the edge, with her gorgeous sharply black pantyhose legs crossed, swinging her foot in her black stiletto heels…OMG!  Then without warning the music would stop, then, suddenly, she would un-cross her gorgeous pantyhose legs and I would get the most amazing flash of black panties hiding behind a very seductive nylon coating. and, because I was looking up at here on stage,  I could see right up her skirt. I am getting myself turned on right now just writing this. and because pantyhose is worn by most girls every day, It’s everywhere!

I also love female feet in pantyhose as well as black pantyhose feet in stiletto heel shoes. Am I normal I ask myself? I think so! I just cant help it, the whole pantyhose thing consumes me so bad I desperately need to  jerk off at least 3 times a day. Is this normal I ask?

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In general, men find lingerie’s hot. Most men have various lingerie fetishes. As for pantyhose, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like them.

Now I know you’re self conscious about having a fetish and all that. But it’s perfectly normal. You don’t have to worry about anything.

As for why you have such a fetish, we have to consider how someone get a fetish.

Sometimes we have a high sex drive. It’s like being in ‘heat’. So in these moments, if we find something (in the surrounding environment at that time) we like or something hot, that ‘thing’ becomes a fetish (sort of)

If we find someone hotter and more sexual than other ‘hotties’ we see everyday, ‘something’ about that person can become a fetish to us. Maybe something about our favourite jerk-off fantasy person can become a fetish to us.

Also there may be other reasons for having fetishes.

It’s perfectly normal to have fetishes.

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I think more women know most guys like women’s feet and legs, along with the other usual parts, than not.

I know that most guys have some sort of kink/ fetish but assume its boobs and ass by default. I know that’s not totally true or accurate lol

I don’t think women know how strong a guys like for womens feet can be, or how many guys are out there like that. Feet/legs are related to hosiery in a lot of ways.

Of course boots and other footwear and other things are related, but I have noticed guys love feet more than they let on.

Its weird and unusual sounding. Its kinky. Feet stink. Feet sweat. It’s “gross”.. I see why a guy would hide something like that by default.

It could be thought as a stab to a man’s masculinity enjoying womens things.

Gay, queer, drag queen etc. and all the ignorant go to labels that are easy to use, run through the mind.

Those are wrong assumptions the majority of the time in my opinion.

I think most women would find it a turnoff (feet/leg/hose fetish etc ), and most guys kinda know what a woman thinks is a turnoff.

I can completely see the reason why to keep it a secret, and sometimes that is the right action. Some women certain fetishes are a deal breaker.

I know guys with a hose fetish, and took a long time for them share with me.

I think i knew one guy for around a year in college before he hinted online first then asking me to wear tights and it escalated eventually to him confessing through door and walking out of the bathroom in only white tights and a shirt. That took around 2 months to escalate.

I was around 20 then, and that’s when I started understanding pantyhose and guys. I still hangout with him to this day and he still wears pantyhose.

We can talk about our like for makeup or fashion and hosiery openly with each other now. Sometimes i will run some outfit ideas past him lol

I have only met a few women who have a actual fetish for feet and they didn’t really have a clue about guys love of nylons/pantyhose.

I have only known one woman with a real lusty hosiery-not just pantyhose-fetish and she has made it a career. we talk 1–2 times a month and she is still in the fetish business today. She is not the typical woman either.

Feet and nylon fetish are a package deal in my experience. If you like feet you will probably be into nylon stuff /socks/leggings etc. and vise versa.

So inherently I think women are in the minority for pantyhose fetish.

There are other factors but that is off topic.

I think that is how you meant the question. . . lol

…..If you mean I’m a woman- and i meet a guy -who has a pantyhose fetish- how soon can I tell?

I just love your black pantyhose legs in heels

Usually I can tell only through conversation, unless I am wearing them, then If he cant take his eyes off my legs I will start to wonder things.

It is normal for me to have some legwear on under my outfit so in my case the ice is already kinda broken if someone wants to chat about my legwear.

From what I can tell, knowing the guy well enough for him to open up, he will eventually tell you.

especially if you wear any hosiery- even tights or leggings will bring it out the pantyhose topic if hes comfortable with you.

Requesting “that outfit” that had hosiery included or asking hose related questions will tip me of pretty fast too.

Constantly complimenting my legs or feet with or without hose gets me suspicious. I might ask you if you have a thing for hose at that point.

Or if he wears pantyhose openly obviously that’s a safe bet to assume lol.

Asing you to go clothes shopping with him might lead into nylon talk or a situation with pantyhose involved.

It’s happened to me a few occasions and was not pantyhose related specifically, more cross dress-female shoes-dresses kind of stuff. Though we did buy pantyhose for him at some point.

In my opinion it is kind of all related to legs and feet and clothing fetishes alike.

If the content of the topics are eventually directed to something in that ballpark, you might be putting up the “i love pantyhose” sign unknowingly.

If she knows about your fetish and doesn’t understand or share the fetish, Do not obsess over it in front of her or try to get her to get into it. It won’t go well lol.

As a whole Women wont have the fetish for pantyhose as often as men, and the majority of men love pantyhose and anything related to them. .feet stockings , garters, tights etc.

I think women in general have a slight idea that guys love feet stuffs, but the majority have no idea how popular it is with men.

My thoughts are kinda jumbled, trying to keep the answer relevant to the question and not go off topic.

Only my opinion from my experiences – all men and women are different and should be respected as such.

Hope this helps! Source 

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