a sex worker, I get a lot of requests to worship my feet as part of a session. Honestly, I really like sessioning with foot fetishists. It’s commonly an easy session with men who don’t want outright sex.

For my typical foot-fetish session, when the client first shows up, I make him get on his hands and knees. He’s allowed to look at my feet but not to touch them. This usually elicits a lot of heavy breathing and eyes rolling back in the sockets, because it’s torture to be so close to my feet but not able to touch them.

The next step is to let him sniff my toes.

Let me digress now and say that there is a whole breed of foot fetishist who is into dirty feet. Sometimes this type of fetishist only wants your feet to be exceptionally stinky, like after you’ve worn the same pair of sneakers for a week and not washed your feet once.

But some men even want your soles to be blackened by dirt. “The dirtier the better!” they claim. And yes, then they want to clean off your feet with their tongues.

To each his own.

But not all foot fetishists have an olfactory element to their fetishism. Nonetheless, only being allowed to sniff your toes heightens the overall tease. The idea is to tease the foot fetishist to prolong the excitement.

I usually then put a leash on a man and lead him over to the couch. While I relax on the couch, I instruct him to lick the stiletto heels of my open-toed sandals.

Many foot fetishists also have a shoe fetish. They love to drag their tongues around on your shoes. Only after he’s done a good job with that will I allow him to finally remove my shoes. If he’s lucky at that point, he’ll be able to massage my feet.

I always make sure my clients are naked for our session. This usually happens as soon as he walks in the door. I order him to strip out of his clothes. This is for my own safety but also to enhance the submissive part of the session. A submissive male should always be naked and defenseless, while his mistress is clothed.

If a man is a true foot fetishist, while he’s naked and massaging my feet, his hard penis will visibly twitch, moving up and down. It’s obvious just how much my feet turn him on.

Once I deem he’s done with the massage, I tell him to lay on his back the floor below me so that I can use his body as my foot rest. I rest my feet on his chest, or on his face, or even on his penis.

To drag out the tease, I will often then have him switch sides, so that he’s on all fours again. This way I can use his back as my foot ottoman. While he’s holding up my feet, I check my phone to see if I have any leads from new clients. We’re not called working girls for nothing. I’ve constantly got my mind on my job.

When I feel my foot sub has completed the task of offering his body as my foot rest, I finally allow him to kiss and lick my feet. By this point, he is incredibly aroused and of course he will start begging to either masturbate himself while orally worshiping my toes, or even for me to masturbate him with my feet.

A good slave should be rewarded, and anyhow that’s what he’s paying me for.

Men aren’t the only ones who have a fetish for feet. Women can also be foot fetishists.

ve often wondered where an erotic interest in feet comes from. Yes, I mentioned why I think Arab men have a thing for feet — because the idea of worshiping feet is so wrong, it’s therefore exciting from a submissive perspective.

But I have trouble understanding why else people are hardwired to get off on feet. Yes, these days women make their feet look exceptionally beautiful by getting frequent pedicures. But the fact is, men aren’t the only ones who have a fetish for feet. Women can also be foot fetishists. There are women who not only get off having their own feet licked and kissed but also enjoy kissing and licking someone else’s feet.

In porn, I’ve typically seen other women make oral love to another female’s feet. I can’t say that there aren’t women out there who don’t also enjoy licking a man’s feet though.

In porn, I’ve also seen women enjoy receiving pain on their feet. Bastinado is a form of torture that involves caning the soles of the feet. There are people — and many women — who consent to this type of torture because they find it sexually exciting.

London Dominatrix

Come to think of, I’m a bit of a foot fetishist myself.

efore I entered the sex industry, I met a guy who later admitted he was a foot fetishist. We’d gone out one night and when we came back to my apartment, he told me about his fetish. Before he did anything else to me, he took off my shoes and began licking my feet.

Each time he inserted my toes into his mouth, I would flood with wetness. He licked in between my toes and my body shuddered in ecstasy. His tongue on my feet was intensely arousing. I agreed to go to bed with him that night. I was simply so turned on by the feel of his mouth on my feet.

Come to think of, I’m a bit of a foot fetishist myself. Unfortunately today, after so many foot sessions, my feet have lost some of the sensation they used to have. My feet have simply been licked and rubbed so many times that it just doesn’t turn me on as much as it used to.

I’d love to get back to that point, though, where the feeling of a man licking my feet makes me explode with arousal. Until then, I’ll just have to be the one who makes men weak by letting them worship my feet. source 

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