Have you been spanked over a woman’s knee before?

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Do you like being spanked over a woman’s knee

 Spanking is one of the most common kinks out there, and if the thought of someone bending you over the knee (or bending someone over your knee) turns you on, you’re in good company.  A LELO survey of 1,100 people found that almost 75% of respondents had tried some form of BDSM, and of those people, over 80% had tried spanking. This isn’t surprising, not only can spanking be fun, but for the spankee, it can also release endorphins, causing a natural high. It’s also a low maintenance activity. Though all you need for erotic spanking is a partner — no ropes, costumes, or sex toys necessary (though they can be added, if you’d like) — there are still a few important things to keep in mind before you get started.


Erotic spanking over a woman’s knee

The need to be spanked over a woman’s knee is probably one of the most common fantasies originating from early childhood. When the young boy in his early school days watches his sexy teacher sit on her desk with her stunning legs crossed high at the front of the class innocently displaying her nylon clad eye candy, on full view, totally unaware that the boy in the front row is having his first sexual awareness at the thoughts of being disciplined by this beautiful figure of authority, and of course, usually, the only way it could possibly happen, is by being put over her intimidating lap for a sound spanking in order to get as close as he can to make contact, and immerse himself in the nearness of her fabulous nylon clad legs and heels, that he just can’t take his eyes off.


Know What Turns You on Before You Start

Knowing what turns you on about spanking will help you figure out how you want to go about it. For example, if you’re into the feeling of powerlessness, you and your partner would want to focus on setting up a “scene” (a pre-planned BDSM encounter) or role-playing, and the actual spanking “could be really light, and you’d get your needs met,” Devlin says. It’s okay if you don’t have a super clear explanation.

At this point. I want to get into a little more detail to try this because it seems naughty and it really turns me on is a good place to start. You’re going over here knee remember, so let’s try and analyse this out, so, what is it that turns guys on to be spanked over a woman’s knee? Some guys gey turned on to see a woman in clothing like jeans, riding jodhpurs. riding leggings. Jeans with boots, or in a skirt with bare legs, suntanned with leather open toed beach shoes can be a massive turn on.

All shapes and sizes too knees, ankles, bare feet, skinny legs, long legs, short legs, but most said in our survey that strong powerful athletic knees and legs were indeed the biggest turn on

A recent twitter survey revealed that most men love a woman in stockings or tights to trigger their spanking desire. A woman’s legs can be a sexual magnetism like no other especially if she is wearing a skirt pantyhose or stockings, and high heels this can be the trigger for a spanking fantasy to engage in and it could be right down to the finest details to make the fantasy work with the maximum effect

Then there is the degree of the punishment, some like it hot, real meaningful harsh punishment with full force hard slaps, were others like a light and gentle spanking but most said it was really all about the chemistry with the woman, if you’re crazy about her you can be sure of a very exciting spanking session. Also, the feeling of your genitals rubbing against her nylon clad thighs that really turned them on the most.


“My first time was with my sexy girlfriend Kelly. She was a fitness instructor at my local gym, the main thing that attracted me to her was her gorgeous powerful athletic legs. It took me ages to persuade her to spank me over her knee, I remember laying across her shapely stocking thighs while she spanked me hard, I had dreamt about this moment happening all my life since being a little boy. and now, it was real, I could hardly contain myself as I lay there over her knee mesmerised, infatuated with her gorgeous legs covered in all that rich black nylon eye candy. She spanked me very hard, so hard, that I couldn’t contain my self any longer and I came all over her sexy thighs, at which point she pushed me off her knee calling me a disgusting little boy. I was so crazy about her I begged her to let me eat her pussy to show my appreciation for making my fantasy come true and  the beautiful spanking she had just given me”

“Being over her lap is a very intimate way to be spanked. Even if there is no skin-to-skin touching, the contact even through clothing creates a powerful connection. In spite of the spanking and the pain, it is strangely comforting. I find I take a harder spanking and am more free to express myself vocally. I even cry more easily. It is like I trust her in that position because we are touching.

The position gives her power and control to hold you in place and because of that, you are sort of relieved of the responsibility for holding position. If you are bent over a chair for instance, you have to stay put and take your spanking. Over her lap, her non-spanking hand on your back will be enough to keep you still. Even if you do get too wiggly, she can pin your hand down or even do a ‘leg lock’ to really hold you in place.

Of course, the position can be very erotic as well. Our sex parts aren’t touching, of course, but they are tantalizingly close to each other. If you are a boy, there might be touching against your penis which could be very embarrassing or exciting or both depending on your relationship with the woman spanking you. Whether you are a male or female, it can be comforting to have your naked privates hidden.

If you are male and having an embarrassing arousal issue, having that hidden can be a relief but knowing she can feel it on her thighs might be a new problem for you. I usually have an arousal ‘problem’ that has to be resolved before I truly appreciate my spanking. Once she senses that my little distraction has been eliminated, she always spanks harder and faster to make certain that any good feelings I may have experienced are quickly forgotten and the spanking becomes my only concern.


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One guy said in particular: His wife would participate in his spanking fantasy about once a month. She would dress in a grey business suit with jacket and white blouse, with knee length skirt, black seamed stockings, and black stiletto heels. She would order him to take off all his cloths, then she would sit on a hard back chair in the middle of the room, as she did so her skirt would ride up to revel her stocking tops, making her nylon covered thighs and knees look strong and powerful. then she would summon him to her right side.

As she explained to him, that he had been such a naughty boy and she was going to give him a very hard spanking over her intimidating lap that he would never forget, promising him he wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. These words made his cock become very hard and it made it stick out fully erect, in fact, so hard,  that she had to place his cock between her knees as she lay him across her sexy lap. And always half way through the sexy punishment he would shoot his load down her black stockings and dribble spunk all the way down her legs and splash her sexy high heels.

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