Mistress Manouche

Fully equipped playroom in St Leonards East Sussex

This page aims to describe the style, elegance, and essence of Mistress Manouche.
I am petite with long raven hair, exotic olive skin tones, alluring mahogany eyes, high cheekbones, and natural elegance. I love stylish clothes. Dressing up and looking beautiful gives me a tremendous feeling of power and control. With hypnotic eyes and a magnetic personality, I radiate a feeling of well-being, pushing your boundaries and exploring your fantasies.
As an active member of the London fetish scene for more than twenty years, becoming a Professional Dominatrix was a natural evolution. A combination of fetish experience and a background in medicine gives me unique and invaluable skills.
Deeply sensual, lithe, and erotic, I love my work. I delight in taking my subjects into a beautiful state of ‘Sub-Space’. We will experience an erotic and pleasurable journey into the unknown together. Relinquish all control, I will take charge of your body and mind. A submissive who sincerely offers their mind and flesh for me to explore, watching them serve, endure or suffer for my pleasure and knowing that it is theirs as well, is surely heaven for both of us.
My trademark ​’Domme Fatale’  is both accurate and fitting for my personality. I am a natural authoritarian, strict, firm, and forthright, but patient and understanding with the inexperienced or first-timers. I have a wicked sense of humor and can be loving and nurturing. Beware! You will fall under my spell.
In summary, I am a warm-hearted, open-minded lady with a wicked sense of humor. As you might expect, I am sadistic, but also kind, sensitive, loving and nurturing hence my strapline “the loving dominatrix with a razor’s edge”.