Miss Sarah Dom

I am a unique Domme, that brings to the table many other qualities than would be expected from a typical Dominatrix. 

I am a seductive, elegant and sadistic Pro-Domme that has been involved in the BDSM-world naturally for a few years already. Being dominant is in my DNA.

I am classy, stylish and strict, but fair and realistic, aware of human limitations.

My erotic and sensual dominant style influenced by my sadistic and mean nature makes me a dangerous 

Romanian beauty with hypnotic blue eyes, flawless porcelain skin and lethal intelligence.

My overflowing eroticism and sensuality can entrap any man in a blink of an eye leaving him without any shadow of will or manhood… Like an alluring vampire that drains all of you until there is nothing left.I am genuine, honest, direct and a strict dominant woman who will tell you what you must hear, not what you want to hear.

Being so very selective with the people who I led into my life, I prefer to surround myself with people who inspire me and from who I can learn from. 

I have started from the bottom and have worked very hard to get at the level where I am today. I have created a world – my world – a painfully loving world. That kind of world where honesty, trust, honor, love and freedom are the most important things. A world where I make the best of the good in the dark things that life has to offer. A free world without limitations where I explore my fantasies and my darkest desires. It’s like Heaven inside Hell, but where every emotion, sensation and feeling are very much real.

Due to the fact that my sadism is higher, inflicting pain and taking over men’s lives comes naturally to me and is a big turn-on factor. 

I also adore how men become worthless rag dolls in my hands, showing appreciation, love and devotion towards me for who I am. 

I have no interest in vanilla lifestyle nor relationships. 

In My presence men are accepted only for servitude and usage.