Miss Ruby Marks

When in My presence you will find Me to be a unique, undefinable Woman. Following no rules, indulging in and seeking out all the hedonistic pleasures I can find within BDSM.

I am a truly sadistic, strict English disciplinarian, mixed with old Hollywood glamour and perverse fetishism.

I blend My sadistic needs with deep sensory based fetishes and erotic, psychological domination and humiliation.

This creates an addictive power play between Myself and My submissives.

I am looking for true D/s connections for long term exploration of power and submission.

‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Professional’ are not terms I apply to Myself, these lines are blurred. My submissives and slaves serve Me within My life without exception.

I wish for those in My circle to thrive and become the truest version of themselves finding personal freedom and fulfilment through self-expression in BDSM.