The young & edgy Female Boss of your dreams

Melisande Sin Poland
Tour Dates 2019
16-21/12 Geneva
19-21/12 Reykjavik
Tour Dates 2020
NYC 6-11 Jan
London 27-29 Jan
Duo prison stays with Lady Valeska 1-4 February Poland 
Cologne 6-9 Feb
London 12-14 Feb
Dubai 15-22 Feb
March unavailable
April  Warsaw
First half of May LA
20-24 May Berlin
June, July Warsaw
More to be announced.

Mistress Melisande Sin Poland

If you feel trapped in society that tells you on and on again that as a male YOU should be the one making decisions and giving out orders, you might have just found your ultimate destination. And what better way to let go of it, than to hand that power away to a young, beautiful Alpha Female.

My name is Melisande Sin and I am a proud member of the #SinSisters and founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon. I am your new Boss, the Boss you’ve always dreamt of – young, edgy yet sophisticated & powerful. I’m well spoken, rather calm and collected – yet with a deeply sadistic nature. I’m not a Queen type – I’m a proactive go-getter who will invade your mind and take control over your body and soul.

Upon our first meeting, you will be captivated and intimidated by my extraordinary looks – standing at almost 6ft tall with the longest legs you’ve ever seen, my body adorned head to toe with tattoos, both intimidating & mesmerizing. My natural, almost innocent facial features and beauty combined with my edgy yet sophisticated style in fetish fashion, bold & elegant at the same time will have you gasping for air within minutes. Last but not least, my feet, that are a treasure in itself – always perfectly looked after, worthy only of a true Goddess & a well trained, devoted foot slave.

Among my most beloved practices you will find activities such as humiliation, sadism and strict bondage. I also enjoy breath play & mummification. Although I like to use corporal punishments, my main power tools are sensory deprivation, chastity, tease & denial. My guilty pleasures are foot fetish and anything latex, rubber. I also have a liking for nylons, boots and luxury footwear such as Louboutins. I have a strong weakness for Bi-slaves.
I am a true Dominatrix, for whom BDSM is both a passion and lifestyle. Apart from working internationally across locations such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai I can also invite you to my own play-space in Poland, which is specifically set up for extended role play scenarios and other elaborate fantasies. This allows me to play in longer sessions, including ones over 24h long.
Unsparing and dominant by nature, I am equally able to talk and listen. As someone with a Clinical Psychology background I truly understand how lost, misunderstood or simply overwhelmed you can feel. I am here to help you redefine how you feel about yourself and how you perceive your role within society




I would like to focus on the fact that I travel to locations such as London, Berlin, Dubai & Hong Kong but apart from that I offer elaborate role play fantasy extended stays at my Dungeon in Poland – Sin Sisters Dungeon (24 to 72h)

– calm, cruel sadist – tall Woman – bossy, leader – coerced bi – psychologically analytical mastermind – young, edgy boss – the only boss you will want to listen to – edgy look
– tattooed goddess – my body is a canvas to worship – tagging/branding my slaves with tattoos – psychology student – dungeon owner – elaborate role play – big on role play
– longer sessions – sessions over 24h – foot goddess – sensory deprivation – latex fetishist – fetish fashion icon – Alpha female – not a Queen – themed fantasy photoshoots
– lesbian domination – couple counselling – opening up about fetishes – BDSM furniture designer