Madam M De Vere – Brighton & Bristol

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Where I am now

After returning to the UK from Amsterdam in my early twenties, I chose to go and live in Brighton. To me, it was the closest place in the UK that encapsulated that unequivocal style of bohemian heaven. It is a culturally diverse city and it has embraced the LGBTQ community so well that I always feel safe and at home here. There I began my educational journey into the world of Art and Design, eventually earning a BA, but also continuing the exploration into BDSM that had been sparked whilst in Amsterdam. None too surprisingly, I found it easy to meet like-minded individuals in the UK’s gay capital, and soon I was attending fetish parties regularly. I became involved in performing at events such as TG’S and exclusive fetish soirées held around Sussex, most of them in private mansions. I clearly remember attending an after-party at the infamous Mistress Dometria’s Dungeon in Brighton and stating that one day; I would become a Dominatrix.



I currently divide my time between the two cities of Bristol and Brighton. Both have their own appeal and draw a different type of person to them. I like variety, and enjoy the change of scenery. This also allows me to see submissive’s from all across the southwest and southeast of England. Though many travels from much further afield to kneel at my feet and experience my exquisite dominance, so don’t let distance be a barrier.

My appetite and interest to experience new things have taken me all over the world. I have had the pleasure of living in many different places, each showing me something new and exciting. I plan to tour more in the future as there are still so many places I’d love to visit and things I want to see. (Sponsoring my trip to your city is always an option.) It is important that we all indulge in the things that make us feel exhilarated, and for me, travel is one of those things.