Love of the Cane

Why do I feel great excitement when being caned?

I went to school in the late 60s/early 70s when corporal punishment was the norm for misbehavior. We often had a choice in the secondary school of an hour’s detention or 3 with the slipper. Most girls preferred the slipper to get it over with quickly and we would be called to the front of the classroom and bend over and touch our toes or put our hands on our knees. It only stung for a few minutes.

The cane was for serious offenses and always given by the Teacher or headmistress in private. I was caned by a beautiful woman teacher for the first time, the emotional effects were deeply sexual and long-lasting.

This is my story of how I became addicted to being caned by strong powerful women in authority. Over the years I have been brutally caned until I orgasm during my punishment and it has become a serious deep obsession to the point I just can’t live without it.

Why do I feel great excitement when being caned?


By Mandy Winger.

The first time I was caned at school was in 1959 at Roedean boarding School, an independent boarding school for girls on the outskirts of Brighton, East Sussex. I was 18 and in my last year at Roedean, luckily I had managed to dodge the cane for 5 years since being there. but my luck was about to run out. The caning was administered by the Art teacher Miss Hunt. it was a terrible experience I will never forget. she was a real bitch and laid every stroke on full force and without any pity.

12 strokes, for disruptive behavior in class. Normally she would just give me detention but on this occasion, she was in such a foul mood she had decided she wasn’t putting up with any nonsense in her class this day, and she had decided it was my ass she was going to take out her frustration on.

After class, she told me to stay behind. She sat on the edge of her desk with her arms folded waiting patiently for everyone to clear the room. Then she walked over and dropped the bolt in the classroom door.

I remember feeling scared when she picked up one of the senior canes from the basket in the corner. then she leaned against her desk and using her backside she pushed her desk across the floor towards the window, leaving only her chair in the center of the room, she stood with her legs slightly apart, looking me straight in the eye she pointed to the seat of the chair with the tip of her cane, and said: “Come here girl, hands on the seat of the chair, and present that bottom to me, you deserve this thrashing girl, I’m so sick of your shenanigans, 12 strokes of the cane should settle you down ”.


I instantly did as she said, I approached the chair and bent over placing both my hands flat on the seat of the chair, then she lifted the hem of my skirt up out of the way, saying. “You deserve this caning young lady!” then she stepped back a couple of feet, I instantly knew this was so she could get a good swing of the cane,  and it also meant if she needed a good swing, she was going to deliver a severe merciless caning.  I watched out of the corner of my eye as she opened her legs slightly to position herself to deliver her rath on my poor backside.


I endured a very painful 6 strokes across my thin frilly panties, followed by 6 strokes across my bare buttocks. The pain was unbearable, and I struggled to handle it, and the noise each stroke made as the cane rushed through the air to meet my backside was dreadful. She made me push my bottom out to meet each cut of the cane, and all the time it was happening, out of the corner of my eye, I could see the pointed toes of her black high heel stiletto court shoes that complimented her shapely black seamed stocking legs all the way up to the hem of her knee-length skirt.

She caned me quickly and accurately not allowing me the courtesy to recover from the previous stroke. By the 4th stroke I was crying, I screamed out loud with the 5th and 6th stroke as she was starting to put more force into her swing as though she had decided more powerful strokes were needed. Then after the 6th stroke, she paused for a moment while she pulled down my panties for the next six strokes of her lethal cane across my now bare and very vulnerable backside.


I watched her as she re-positioned her sexy legs in readiness to resume the caning. the pain of each stroke was awful. She tapped my bottom with the tip of the cane several times to line up for the next stroke. After each stroke, I would instinctively jump up and rub my buttocks vigorously to try and somehow alleviate the pain, but each time Miss Hunt would say. “Bend back over girl, and stick that bottom out.

When it was finally over, I was so relieved I just pulled my knickers up and ran to the girl’s toilets, crying my eyes out.  Luckily the caning wasn’t public like so many other girls had to endure before me. She thrashed me in private in the classroom with the door locked So, I didn’t have to endure the embarrassment of facing the other girls knowing I had just been caned, and sporting a very sore bottom.

I went straight to my next lesson, I remember it was a geography class, you never forget the details of an experience like this, as I sat down gingerly no one knew that my backside was in tatters, bleeding, and badly bruised. The throbbing in my bum went on for hours after, and I could hardly sit down for a few days, at least not easily, The 12 deep raised bleeding welts across my backside turned into black and blue lines, still tender and sore. It felt as though a thousand bees had just stung my bare ass, and I was in the awkward position that and I couldn’t stop rubbing my bottom as it was so hot and itchy.

Miss hunt was in her mid-thirties, tall, medium build, with beautiful red hair, a curvaceous figure,  with a sexy voluptuous backside, and all the girls thought she was a very sexy lady especially when she wore short skirts, black stockings, and heels.

A week later on my way to science class, I passed Miss Hunt in the corridor outside the science lab, and as I passed her, we both made eye contact, she had that look in her eye that gave a clear message as if to say, there’s plenty more where that came from my young lady. As she walked by I caught a whiff of her perfume, the same aroma that filled the air while I was receiving the brutal punishment. Then, suddenly, this strange feeling came over me. My palms went sweaty, my face went red and hot, and my bum started to tingle. I don’t know what came over me, suddenly, I felt this uncontrollable and desperate desire, I needed to feel her cane again.


OMG! I can’t believe this, what am I thinking? Why am I feeling this way, am I crazy? I was so overwhelmed with this crazed lust, to such an extent I had this sudden urge to dash to the lady’s toilets to masturbate, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands down my knickers to please myself at the very thoughts of it happening again. I dashed into one of the cubicles and slammed the door behind me.

I just lifted my skirt up and dropped onto the toilet seat. I couldn’t wait to get my fingers into my knickers, instantly, I slid my right hand down into my panties. I was shocked as to how wet my pussy was like I had never known before. As I fingered my clitoris the image filled my mind eye of Miss Hunt’s standing there holding that awesome cane, and her black seamed stockings and sexy high heels flashed through my mind, at the same time I could actually feel the pain, and smell her scent in the air, within seconds, I had the most amazing orgasm with my now cum soaked knickers dripping pussy juice all over the toilet seat.


Now I know in these modern times It’s an odd thing to enjoy being hurt. To enjoy being humiliated. To lose control, but that’s basically what it is.

People who enjoy it enjoy it because of that loss of control, especially because the person doing it is somebody, they (should) absolutely trust to have their safety and wellbeing in mind.

Whether it is caning or through some other means, there is a point where there is a chemical release. Endorphins come and it feels amazing, like a high. Another form of loss of control that happens comes with this release. It’s a lot to handle, but (again with the right person doing it) it is a very good experience, especially if one has the right means to be safely (mentally/emotionally included) pulled out of that state they are in.

My next Art class was a double lesson with a 15-minute break in the middle, I was determined to pay more attention, I wanted to show Miss Hunt that the thrashing she gave me had worked, and she wouldn’t have any problems with me ever again. Then later in the class as we discussed Kempinski and his method of painting. Miss Hunter now reading from a reference book sat on her desk at the front of the class, and using her bum to wiggle on to the center she placed her sexy right foot on the edge of Laura Smith’s desk, crossing her legs as she did so. She usually only sat on the desk if she was wearing pantyhose which was easily still a very exciting sight.

Her beautiful black pantyhose legs now in full view to the whole class. As soon as I clapped my eyes on her sexy thighs, Immediately, I felt a horny tingle in my pussy, I was so desperate to soak up all that visual eye candy I suddenly became very frustrated because I was sitting five rows back so I couldn’t see her feet in those sexy high heels, and I wanted to see more of her stunning body.


So, in the afternoon break I approached Miss Hunt with a well-mannered attitude and said “Please Miss Hunt, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the harsh caning you gave me last week. it has made me realize the error of my ways, and I hope to become a better student for it. I was hoping If, at all possible, you would allow me to sit at the front of the class to increase my concentration level of your teaching’s?


Miss Hunt looked at me and said “Thank you Mandy I’m so pleased the punishment has made you rethink your education. I will consider your request and advise you after the break”. After the break I sat down in my regular seat as Miss Hunt commenced the lesson, she assumed the same position on her desk, then, taking her ruler off the desk she pointed at Laura Smith and said “Laura, swap places with Mandy Winger. I couldn’t believe my luck, not only was it at the front of the class it was the seat right in front of Miss Hunt’s Gorgeous legs, and because there was very little space between her legs and me I could see every bit of detail. I sat down, opened my book feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

I was so happy and tried so hard to look at Miss Hunt’s face during the rest of the lesson but occasionally I dropped my gaze to her legs covered in rich black nylon, and instantly my pussy just filled with desire and I knew another good fingering was on my to-do list as soon as this lesson was over.

As the weeks went on, I actually became very excited for art classes, I looked forward to just sitting and lusting after Miss Hunt’s stunning legs, sometimes though, the sight of her black nylon-clad legs was more than I could handle. One day, I was staring at the cane basket in the corner of the room, as I stared at the senior cane she used to punish me with,  I started to fantasize about her, and as she was standing right next to the cane basket, as she was writing on the blackboard, I could see the backs of her sexy legs, as my eyes kept switching cane, legs, cane, legs,  I became so turned on thinking about the caning she gave me I came right there and then in my panties and gave a little moan of pleasure as I did so,

OMG! As the pussy juices flowed into the gusset of my knickers, I couldn’t control the moaning as the feeling was so powerful, at which point Miss Hunt stopped talking and looked at me and said, “Are you ok Mandy?” yes Miss, “I’m just having a few tummy problems, I think its something I ate” Miss Hunt looked at me and said, “Why don’t you pop to the ladies and have a moment to yourself until you feel better?” I didn’t hesitate “ok Miss” I left the class with my thighs clenched together not to drop anything onto the floor and dashed to the ladies to give myself a proper seeing too in the hope of emptying my lust glands.

When I returned to the class, Miss Hunt was just finishing off the lesson and everyone was packing their books and pencils away. So I started to do the same as I got up and walked towards the door I suddenly heard Miss Hunt say “Mandy! “ Can you stay back please I want a little word with you”  Oh No! “Yes, Miss Hunt! Certainly!”

I sat back down in my seat again, and waited for Miss Hunt, as she walked over and locked the classroom door, the same as she did some weeks before when I received the cane.

The noise of the bolt sliding into its latch was an exciting sound and as my imagination started to run away with me, my tummy started to tingle, and it wasn’t long before the tingling sensation found its way down deep into my pussy. Then that gorgeous sound of Miss Hunts high heels as she walked back over to her desk she was wearing shiny forty denier black stockings and when she sat down on the front of her desk I was lucky enough to get such a fantastic view up her skirt, so much so, I could see the little diamond shape of the gusset of her sexy blue lace panties.


“Mandy! I wanted to have a word with you to discuss the reasons you wanted to sit at the front of the class, I am a little bit alarmed by the fact that I have noticed you staring at my legs, or trying to look up my skirt, I have spotted this many times since you acquired this new location in the classroom.


OMG! What should I say to this direct challenging question?  Then a little voice said in my pussy “Just tell her the truth” I hesitated for a moment to pluck up the courage to speak and said “Please Miss Hunt the truth is, well Thes truth is that, “Spit it out, girl!” I want you to, well I would like you to, “Just say it!” I would like you to cane me again! Please!  Miis Hunt looked shocked, to say the least, then she said. “But why? Have you been a naughty girl? You haven’t done anything wrong? Something wrong that I don’t know of? “No. I have done nothing wrong, Miss, I have been such a good girl, it’s just the caning you gave me a couple of weeks ago, has changed me. and affected my life in a big way”


“I’m listening she said” Well! The feeling when you caned me was so exciting, as soon as you delivered the 12th stroke, I had to dash to the ladies to play with myself because it was such an exciting experience and so now, I am infatuated with you, I’m in constant agony every single day, just thinking about you, and such horny thoughts of you once again taking the cane to my bare backside again.  I have to masturbate at least 4 times each day and constantly feel the urge to put my hand down my knickers especially after having a class with you Miss. I can’t stop thinking about your gorgeous beauty, your stunning body, your silky black stockings, and heels, and I desperately need you to cane me once again, or I swear I will go crazy.

“Oh! I just don’t know what to say, I’m so shocked at this, caning is supposed to be a punishment, not an exciting sexual pleasure.”  She paused for a while then said “Well, first of all, it’s very normal for a girl your age to feel the need to play with herself.  But seriously, I don’t care how many times, or how often you masturbate, or when and where you prefer to masturbate, or what time of day you masturbate. If it gives you pleasure and isn’t getting in the way of,  your school studies or homework or other priorities, your masturbating habits are normal—and completely encouraged.

“Taking into account what you have just told me I would think very carefully about your answer to my next question” Silence filled the room. “Do you think that your masturbating is getting out of control in such a way it’s affecting your studies and school work? Let me put it another way. Do you feel as though a further taste of the cane may help across your bare backside will help you to concentrate?”

I hesitated for a moment trying to analyze her question then I suddenly realized this may be the opportunity I have waited for, she was asking me to give her a reason to cane me. I didn’t waste a moment. “Yes, Miss! It is affecting my school work, and really do deserve another caning to help me concentrate.

“Ah! I thought y0u would say that young lady, so what’s it to be then another dose of 12 strokes? Or, are you thirsty for a little more than what you had before? How about 36 full swing stokes, with no panty protection all administered on the bare buttocks bending over to really expose your venerable backside for my attention. How does that sound?


I could feel my temperature rise and my pussy was like a volcano ready to erupt, I could hardly contain my emotions, I was nervous and heady thinking any minute my bottom was going to feel the cool breeze across it while I waited to be caned Then she said “I feel as though you’re going to need a much more severe punishment, young lady and over a good hour or more. Thursday is my day off. And I’m available all day. I want you to come to my apartment in town say 12.20 pm. And I will deal with your wanking problem, and may I say without any mercy.

I have a much better variety of canes at home including a black Singapore cane which leaves deep red welts across the buttocks, guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Your caning will start at 1 pm? In the meantime, don’t masturbate at all.

When Thursday came, I was so excited as I left the dorm, and was at Miss Hunt’s apartment bang on time. I knocked on the door and waited for what seemed like ages but really was only a few seconds. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels walking across a laminate wooden floor as the sound got closer and closer, I thought I was going to be sick, I was so excited the gusset of my panties was so wet, not having wanked for 3 days, the anticipation was terrible because I actually knew that my caning was really going to happen in a very short while. Then the door opened and there stood Miss Hunt, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a red Skirt and silky grey blouse that really showed off her beautiful breasts. Red high heels.


“Come in Mandy,” She said sternly. As I walked in. the room was long and modern with a beautiful sofa in the middle of the room. then, I noticed a large basket of canes in the middle of the room, and that tingling sensation started to fill my loins with lust as she then said coldly “strip naked girl”. I instantly did as she said, the command and tone of her voice made me even more excited as It implied she was going to administer a ruthless caning, still fumbling with my panties hoping she wouldn’t see the wet stains of pre-cum in the gusset of my knickers, I finally removed all my clothes and stacked them neatly on the sofa, I watched her walk over to the basket and select the black crook handled cane she had described. OMG! This is the moment I have been waiting for!


Ok Mandy she said again in a firm voice. Bend over in front of me and put your hands on the sofa and present that bottom, be prepared for a hard long caning. I’m going to give you the thrashing of your young life and believe me you will feel every single stoke across your bare ass. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the first stroke. I assumed the position and pushed my bottom out high in the air to meet the first stroke. Then the first of 36 strokes landed on my bare bottom, Oooeeeerrrr! just as she said brutally hard, and full force indeed.

Ella Hughs takes a hard caning from Madam Eris Martinet

By the time stroke, 24 was delivered my bare ass was now in ecstasy, then the delivery of 25, and 26 were much harder as they were blasted into my naked backside as soon as they were delivered my pussy was now completely out of control, and I knew she was turning up the volume as I still had another 10 strokes to go, as I orgasmed with each beautiful stroke of her cane. I couldn’t help the automatic instinct to push my bottom up high in the air to greet the next gorgeous stroke. My body was shaking as my pussy wept furiously onto the laminate floor, Then she said, “We seem to have a little dribbling problem going on down there, don’t we girl?” I was a bit embarrassed to be climaxing hard in front of Miis Hunt, so, I said, “sorry about the mess Miss,! to which she replied “Never mind that right now girl, your orgasm is making me excited to cane you harder, each stoke was blisteringly painful and accurately given, the pain subsided within seconds and was quickly followed by another trickle of cum from my now very swollen pussy.

With 10 strokes to go my knees were weak and I really didn’t know if I could take any more. then she suddenly stopped, and she started tapping the cane hard, and fast against my hot bottom, and said. “Now the next 10 strokes are going to be very hard, and very painful indeed as I’m going to deliver them full force, so you had better brace yourself young lady, If you take the last 10 strokes like the brave girl I think you are there will be a nice surprise at the end. I couldn’t speak so I just looked at Miss Hunt and nodded in acceptance of her instruction.

The next 10 strokes came hard and fast as promised with no time to recover from the last stroke, on stroke 35 I thought I was going to pass out with the pain, but I knew I had to do as she asked as I wanted this caning to go on forever. Then she stood back a little and spread her legs. I knew this was going to be a blisteringly hard stroke. she tapped my bottom with the tip of the cane about 30 times the without and warning Wooooshhhhh! the impact of stroke 36 was devastating on my Ass, my mental state, and also my now very swollen pussy.

Now She said, I know you probably want to get to the loo as quickly as possible to finger your tight wet little pussy, but don’t! She took my hand led me over to her desk and said “lie on the Desk” so I gingerly sat my very sore arse on the desk. then Miss Hunt pulled up a chair and placed it at the end of the desk and proceeded to sit on it. she opened my leg and said “I’m going to eat that gorgeous cunt of yours until you come all over my lips, TO BE CONTINUED.

After the 12th stoke she paused, walked over, and massaged my buttocks with her hand, which felt rather nice, then without warning, she spanked my bottom really hard indeed giving me 8 full hard painful slaps with her bare hand, then she walked back and assumed her position to resume my caning, as the caning started again. Swishing the cane through the air she wasted no time in giving me the 13th stroke, it bit deep into the center of my buttocks as more cum began to ooze from deep inside my vagina.

I was so turned on that my punisher could clearly see the river of cum exuding from my now very wet pussy and after each stroke I stood on my tippy toes and pushed out my bottom to receive the next beautiful stroke.