Mistress Marie Lincolnshire

I don’t play a role in this. It’s who I am, always, 24 hours a day every day.

I demand that every male I encounter defers in this hierarchy.

I have an inherent understanding of the powerful. maternal, matriarchal, sexual nature of Womanhood and of my own, rightful, feminine Dominance,. I aim to teach all males their true place in my world as the support crew, whether my own personal slaves or paying guests.

I have a lifetime of experience and I’ve become accomplished in many things, as you’ll see from the list of my indulgences. I’m openly sadistic, a sadist at heart. I enjoy inflicting emotional and physical pain. It’s in my DNA. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a softer side and you’ll find me down to earth, sociable and engaging as a person. I like to get to know my subs and slaves on a personal level, so I prefer long-term arrangements with a select few.

Phone: 07561 657561

Mistress Penny Spaldin Lincon
Mistress Penny Leathers
Spalding, Lincolnshire

If you’ve always fantasized about being tied up and spanked by a luscious Domme dressed up in a corset pulled tightly around her body, skin tight, figure hugging trousers and long leather high heeled boots…… then make it a reality. Let me know what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. I can guarantee you an extremely pleasurable time.

Please feel free to send me a respectful email or call me and I will reply in a timely manner or we can talk on the telephone before meeting.

Phone: 07716041009