Mistress Euryale – Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Asia, Europe, Belgium, France, Paris, Luxembourg.

EURYALE | Hong Kong

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In a typical BDSM session, Mistress Euryale creates a healthy, safe and consensual space, in which she accompanies her subjects in a space-time where all fantasies – of their submission – are allowed, as discussed beforehand. From an impermanent relationship arises a changing complicity ; the barometer of domination / submission relationships being exciting and infinite.

While she has practiced the pleasures of sadomasochism, dragging her submissives into the reefs of her sadism – physical pain oriented, she has also explored more deeply the psychological aspects of BDSM plays.

Mistress Euryale sees her domination as a practice at the border of art, in a spontaneous and creative perspective. She will take delight in the fright your face will express, or the joy of your voluntary submission: then you will find tenderness or sadism shining in her eyes, or a bittersweet mix of both.

Beyond this, her gynarchistic vision extend far beyond the simple word, gynarchy, which you brag about without understanding it – really. Domination is a art she is delighting in and Mistress is a title she is found of – but there are no mistresses, goddesses or ladies : there are only women, naturally superior to you.

Email: Hkdom@pm.me