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I am Red. Based in Belgium but travels internationally.

An international European pro-Dominatrix. I am a young yet skilled and extremely ambitious Woman and I am very inspired by the “old-school” of Femdom.
“I’m the smiling Sadist who openly enjoys Herself in sessions”, rather than a cold, detached, severe type.  I’m skilled in & enjoy a wide range of BDSM practices; from more simple scenes to highly complex ones.  I can persuade you gently…. or break you ruthlessly!


Mistress Marta

International Traveling Dominatrix Mistress Marta
Europe & worldwide 👠
“Fly me to you”
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Mistress Hera Puerto Banus Marbella

Strikingly beautiful, Puerto Banús, Marbella Mistress Hera will tower elegantly over you. She brings a creative imagination to her sessions and her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent. From Eastern Europe, Puerto Banús, Marbella Mistress Hera, is also very strong and assertive. As a professional wrestler, she enjoys physical sessions, as well as torturing her slaves. You will leave feeling overwhelmed and gagging to come back for more.


EURYALE | Hong Kong | Visiting Paris Soon

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In a typical BDSM session, Mistress Euryale invites you to become the subject of her endless fantasies, offering you the best seat of the show: her delighted victim’s point of view. From an impermanent relationship arises a changing complicity; the barometer of domination/submission relationships being exciting and infinite.
While she has practiced the pleasures of sadomasochism, dragging her submissives into the reefs of her sadism – physical pain-oriented, she has also explored deeply the psychological aspects of BDSM plays through roleplays, as she enjoys playing with your weaknesses to bring out your little dirty secrets.
Mistress Euryale sees her domination as a practice at the border of art, in a spontaneous and creative perspective. After many years of experience, she masters the thousand and one ways of playing with your deepest desires and revealing your weaknesses. She will take delight in the fright your face will express, or the joy of your voluntary submission: then you will find tenderness or sadism shining in her eyes, or a bittersweet mix of both.


Mel Fire Available for sessions in Germany – France – Italy

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Divine Mistress Heather – Malaga Spain – Femme Fatale Films 

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Mistress Heather Malaga

Mistress Heather
Malaga Spain

Mistress Antonella  

Popular Europe 

Lady Luna Netherlands

Mistress Luna
Nothing gives me more pleasure then to stir up the lust of men. Look into their eyes, see the pain and lust and let them beg for more. Nothing is more beautiful then total surrender and total trust.
A hand on your buttocks where the whip has landed, a kiss on your nipple that I’ve treated with My nails..
My regular slaves describe me as addictive, sadistic and fiery, but also caring and personal. A Mistress how is sensual by nature and loves to use that to let her slaves beg and go the extra mile for me…
More info is on my website 😉
Europe Dominatrix Mistress BDSM Listings

offering BDSM services in the following areas of Europe from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. with new locations being added every day.

Mistress Karolina Moscow


Lady Electra Koln

Lady Electra

Bizzar Jessica Austria




Domina Lady Maclaine

Lady Maclaine

Paris Elegance France


Mistress Linda Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria

Madame Mysteria Prague

Madame Mysteria

Paris Elegance France


Cruel Mistress Milano

Cruel Mistress
Milano Italy

Domina Sara Torino

Domina Sara
Torino Italy

Mistress Lola Budapest

Domina Lady Lola
Budapest Hungary

Lady Domme Milano

Lady Dominatrix

Mistress Zhenya Geneva

Domina Zhenya
Geneva Switzerland

Mistress Suzanne Bern

Mistress Suzanne
Bern Switzerland

A Mistress or Dominatrix into the fetish scene does not offer sexual intercourse, they only offer services of  female domination as part of their service to clients which may include, spanking, caning, bondage, chastity, domination, submissive, girl power control, humiliation services are purely and exclusively for men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-play, tie and tease, along with other different fetishes for her consideration.

    • For those of you with fantasies of more advanced BDSM, fetish, Hot Wax Play, CBT, reluctant bi, water sports or just looking for something a bit more adventurous, please check the website  of the dominatrix/mistress to see if such services are on offer before booking as not to waste each other’s time.
Some of the equipment or services in a dungeon or play space may include: – Crops & canes
– Dildos and anal plugs – Electrics – Tazapper  –  Medical room – Gimp masks, gas masks and balaclavas – Internal body camera
– Paddles, tawse, and floggers  – Leather, bike gear & boots  – Ropes, restraints, and collars – Strap-on dildo
– Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of gas masks – Spanking Bench
– Whips – Rope or chain winch. We hope you enjoy your BDSM

I would like the sexy European dominatrix Lady Electra Germany to put me across her sexy knee and spank me so hard I won’t be able to sit down for a week.