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Spanking is still one of the most sort after mistress service in Australia, an over the knee spanking administered by a strict powerful sexy woman with strong athletic powerful legs, especially if she is wearing stockings or pantyhose as this heightens the pleasure having the genitals rubbing against her warm nylon thighs as the spanking ensues, thspectacularar  view the victim sees as he lies over her sexy lap can be very exciting indeed, and create a very stiff erection looking at her stunning legs, ankles, high heels, and up skirt shots, as well as the stinging backside all, add to the pleasure of the punishment over her intimidating lap.

The sexy leggy blonde was sitting on the comfortable red sofa in the trendy café in Sydney harbour drinking prosecco, her short dress rode up to expose her powerful strong thighs encased in smooth black nylon stockings, her long legs cascading down to spectacular black stiletto heel shoes, she noticed the hard lump in his trousers as his eyes never moved from her  sexy legs, then she said, “Do you have my Tribute?”  “Yes he said nervously”  Good! Lets go to my private office I’m going to strip you naked, put you across my knee and spank your bare backside until you you cant sit down for a week! at least not comfortably, during your spanking if you get one drop of jizz on my my stockings I will bend you over the back of the chair for a good hard caning, do you understand?”

“yes miss I believe I do!”

 Some of the equipment or services in a dungeon or play space in Sydney may include: – Crops & canes
-Dildos and anal plugs – Electrics – Zapper  –  Medical room – Gimp masks – gas masks and balaclavas – Internal body camera – Paddles, tawse, and floggers  – Leather, bike gear & boots  – Ropes, restraints, and collars – Strap-on dildo – Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of gas masks – Spanking Bench – Whips – Rope or chain winch. We hope you enjoy your BDSM experience.

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