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This is a great little spanking clip with Jennifer Brooks being spanked hard over Tessara’s gorgeous stocking thighs. The spanking is relentless, real, and powerful, Lucky Jennifer Brooks! I wish it was me over Tessara’s knee, I guarantee my cock would be so stiff, digging into her stunning, strong, nylon covered thighs desperate to explode. Nu-West new exactly what they were doing to get a guy turned on to want to see more as the camera zooms in and out on Tessara’s stunning legs shot from different angles, a masterpiece! Just wish I could d see it in 4k.

Nothing in the world is as exciting as being spanked over a woman’s knee

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Nu-West was the first domestic style spanking publication and video’s I ever saw. It shocked me when I learned other people may have the same kink I have, and that product was available.

The founder, Ed Lee, influenced many others with his style and approach to spanking. Sadly, Ed passed early last year, and the state of Nu-West, well….let his wife and spanking companion Debra tell you in a moment. I reached out to her for an interview, because I love the company and I loved her video’s. read more

Louboutin’s torture a very stiff cock

Crossed Legs in Stockings Jerk Off

Come with me!

Undies down for the hairbrush

In the Head Mistress Office

Drink my Golden Piss Bitch!

Gorgeous legs

Tall Black Mistress Foxx


Beauty V’s the Singapore Cane

Women in Black

Throat Rearming

Hot in Dubai

Boot Worship

Mummification Jerk OFF

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