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Spanked by Miss Brown!

My Affair with spanking

I have a fetish. I am totally addicted to black pantyhose, and of course the beautiful woman with great legs that wear them. I don't really know why I am obsessed with women wearing black tights I just can't help it.

What higher being created such beauty as woman to torment and tease men, the luscious curves of ladies legs are the gateway to paradise. For me personally I love tall women with long sexy and powerful thighs and if anyone is interested the ultimate pair of perfect female legs for me you should look no further than Gina Carano.

They're beautiful. We don't get the same definition and curves to our legs. A woman's are like rolling hills made of skin, except less weird-sounding. The way they lead up to the ultimate prize!! the pussy!! A womans legs are like the highway to her crotch. I love that thought too. A women legs are generally speaking more flexible than men, which is impressive, and also, under specific circumstances, very sexy. A woman's legs look good in anything for example, Yoga pants, skirts, jeans, nothing! Guys can barely pull off shorts. Women's legs win in the fashion department every time.

They're the most exposed female erogenous zone. on display 24/7 unlike other parts of the body, a woman's legs are sexy but they also get to run free. Female thighs are basically the most beautiful sex sculptured handles ever. Getting to pull off a woman's pantyhose or stockings can be a massive turn-on for me, for her, it might just be another annoying layer of clothing, but for us, guys it's defiantly exciting.

Oh! The fact that they end in feet! Not everyone is into feet, but a lot of guys are, and if that's the case, then it's, great having legs go all the way down and turn into feet, which can be equally sexy to men, and even to some woman. They have that muscle divot that runs down the side of their stunning thigh... That sexy muscle caven should be the new thigh gap. Thick thighs can have it and skinny thighs can have it; it just means their strong and powerful thighs are as sexy as hell.

I know exactly where my love of the female leg all started. I was 1967, and I was 14 years old and totally unaware that what was about to happen would change my life forever, with the arrival of my new teacher, Miss Veronica Westwood whom I totally fell in love with at first sight. I would just sit there and stare at every curve of her stunning body even when she was writing on the blackboard she looked sexy, her 34 DD tits bursting to get out of that tight white blouse tapering down to her amazing slim waist that would disappear into the waistband of her tight skirt, then those 2 magnificent orbs of the cheeks of her sexy ass.

Aw Man!! I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. You know that feeling when you're in love, it's like you can't wait to get to see her, as you count every second before she comes s through the door and when she does finally it's the most thrilling moment ever, you find yourself using every moment to try to create a chance meeting on the hope of just seeing her walk by, that was the mess I was in, constant torment, hurting like hell, and loving every moment of it.

She was only 23 years old, stunningly beautiful, and I felt as though she had been sent from heaven just for my pleasure, and I was extremely great full for that! The best bit for me was when she would sit on her desk in front of the class with her gorgeous legs crossed in the most delicious way, she always wore short revealing knee length skirts that would obviously ride up when she sat on the desk showing off her striking legs and expanse of nylon covered thigh and guess where I sat? Yeah, you got it, directly opposite her only inches away from all that black nylon eye candy. I was so close I could see all the detail in her pantyhose, every single fibre as though I was looking through a magnifying glass. This would fascinate me, as occasionally I would be offered the whole cookie when she would unconsciously uncross her stunning legs and offer the ever so slightest flash of that little black or white diamond of her sexy panties depending on what colour she was wearing.

One day she arrived in class late, and not her usually chatty and smiling self I instantly knew she was not a happy person and vibed such a bad mood but still looking sexier than ever in her black dress, sheer black pantyhose, and killer white high heels. With a dominant look on her face as she said, "Books out on the desktop now!! And woes betide anyone that doesn't pay attention today!" Now it's important you remember here that this was 1967 and corporal punishment was still customary in the education system, and I had witnessed the after effects of canings and slipperings metered out to some of the senior pupils by the headmaster and recently some of the teachers, one boy said he had been caned by the head teacher Miss Brooks a very sexy lady indeed and he loved every stroke she had given # him of the senior cane, because she was so sexy and he couldn't wait for it to happen again, how strange I thought.

As the lesson went on she hardly spoke, and I being totally unaware at my young age that she was having her monthly period, and that the period had completely changed her whole personality, it was then that the next phase in my obsession with her would be revealed. One of the girls Alice Beaumont who was always lacking in paying attention was whispering away to another girl in spite numerous requests to desist from Miss Westwood, as Alice continued to whisper to her friend Miss Westwood unwilling to tolerate any more shouted: "Alice come here immediately!!" Alice walked gingerly out to the front of the class with a smirk of defiance on her face that Miss Westwood obviously noticed and said "I'll give you something to smile about girl" and at that Miss Westwood stood up from behind her desk and walked around to the front positioning a chair right in front of me, it all seemed to happen so fast the chair, the legs, the skirt riding up, the black pantyhose covered thighs, the girl being dragged over the knee, her white knickers pulled down and then the silence was broken by the sound of hard and powerful slaps striking on bare female flesh.

As the girl's cries filled the room Miss Westwood was relentless in taking her bad day out on Alice's poor ass as she unmercifully spanked it as hard as she possibly could and all this was happening right in front of me, and that was it the next stage of the obsession was complete. I suddenly got the biggest boner in my shorts watching this erotic spectacle as Alice's backside went from light pink to crimson red in just a few seconds. OMG!! I so wanted this! To be spanked over her sexy thighs in exactly the same way as Alice was being spanked.

Sadly I never did get spanked by Miss Westwood as she left the school to get married a few months later and moved to Australia later that same year. Needless to say, I was heartbroken and missed her every day for over a year which seemed like forever before I finally came to terms with my loss. I finally left school and had a few jobs over the years before settling down with a printing company as a screen print design specialist I know its sounds exciting but believe me, it wasn't at all, just a glorified title for a bog standard printer. Anyway, let me skip over the boring bits and move this story along here! I had been with the printing firm now for over 6 years and just coming up to my 39th birthday, as the years rolled on I had still not fulfilled my fantasy of a good old fashioned over the knee spanking administered by that special woman of my dreams then one day the owner of the business Mr. Biggs walked on to the print room floor with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life.

She was awesome in every way the first thing I noticed was how tall she was, she must have been over 6ft, and from what I could see of her she wasn't wearing heels. Oh! Once again my heart was out on my sleeve and I couldn't wait to be introduced. She was about 28 I would say, and she had the most beautiful auburn hair tied up in a bun, she wore a black pin-stripped business suit with a knee length skirt, bright red blouse, and stylish flat court shoes with a pointed toe, but the thing that caught my immediate interest the most, as she and Mr. Biggs walked towards me was her fantastic shapely legs in elegant black Opaque 50 Denier pantyhose, they looked so sexy with all that nylon stretched over her sexy curves. As she got closer and closer her stunning curvaceous body became even more attractive to my eye, and her face was a vision of such amazing flawless beauty, defiantly a Brooklyn Decker look alike.

"Peter," said Mr. Biggs "Allow me to introduced to you Lynda Redwood she is going to be head of our purchasing department. Lynda this is Peter our head printing machinist" I was speechless as I stared at her beautiful face she must have thought I was a complete moron as I managed to get out one word "Hi" she hesitated for a moment then said "I'm pleased to meet you Peter" as Mr. Biggs took hold of her arm dragging her away to her next introduction. Mr. Biggs the company director was a really nice and fair man, a good looking guy in his late forties with a degree in marketing. Rumour had it, he had a massive cock and I swear I was sure I could see it bulging in his pants, as he escorted Miss Redwood around the shop floor.

I watched them walk around the factory for about 10 minutes before they both disappeared into the office upstairs. This was an amazing position for her and would defiantly be a high salaried role in the company. As the weeks went on I never saw Lynda at all very much suffice to say only odd times when she would arrive in here yellow mini cooper for work whereupon I always hesitated for a moment to watch those amazing legs come into view as she opened the door of her car, or in the canteen at lunchtime when she would sit at the end of the isle with her beautiful legs crossed on display showing just the hint of panty for all the Horney young printers to ogle at.

Then one day I was approached by one of my co-workers who said he had a message for me to go to Miss Redwood's office to discuss the purchase of some new ink we had been trying out on the screen printing process they had been interested in Water Based & Plastisol screen printing Inks and wanted my opinion. On my arrival outside her office, I knocked and waited for a reply as soon as she said to come in I opened the door and walked into her perfumed office. She got up from behind her desk to greet me as she did so I was bitterly disappointed, to say the least, that she was wearing trousers but it wasn't all bad as she walked over to her filing cabinet I was presented with the most amazing view of her stunning ass the material so tightly stretched over her backside it looked like her ass would burst out at any minute.

As she was removing a file from the cabinet she suddenly spoke and said "Peter, I just want to go over the ink sample we have been using to see if you think they are suitable for us to purchase" I heard her speak but I was still looking at her amazing twin orbs when she suddenly turned and caught me looking at her beautiful rear. She wasn't even shocked she just turned her head back a little further sort of looking down at her own ass and said, "Beautiful isn't it Peter, but I feel I had better sit on it to try and regain your attention", and at that she walked back over to her desk and sat down immediately hiding her whole bottom half under the desk and out of sight "There that's better we can get down to business now, so do you approve of the new inks Peter?" My face now red with embarrassment having been caught looking I said "Yes Miss Redwood the inks are excellent quality and I would recommend we use them" She looked me up and down as though I was an inferior species and said "Excellent news Peter!! Thanks, that's all I wanted to know you can go now, and oh by the way! I keep my legs and ass in good shape by playing tennis 3 times a week, yes I do like getting my stunning ass fucked as often as I can, it was built for it, not that you will ever find out, in order to avoid this distraction again I suggest you keep your eyes above waist level in future!!" The Bitch she didn't have to say that and humiliate me so, she made me feel inferior, and at the same time totally embarrassed as I walked back to the print floor feeling angry, but at the same time guilty that I had stared at her in such an inappropriate manner that made her retaliate in such a way.

I came away feeling very upset but at the same time turned on by being humiliated by a beautiful woman, depressed and down I realized the rude awakening of just how unfair life can be, they say the best things in life are free, well let me tell you they are bloody well not! I was devastated! She had been my bedtime fantasy for months! What a beautiful woman she is, I have seen some stunners in my time but this lady ticked all the boxes and I just had to find a way to be spanked over those stunning thighs. I thought to myself how the hell I could possibly even get the chance to suggest it let alone make it happen. For a week's I avoided her feeling ashamed as if she was to clap eyes on me at anytime I would feel a lesser person in her presence as though I had asked her for a date and been turned down with flat cold rejection because she was too good for me, and the more beautiful they are the worse it makes you feel.

After a little while I started to forget about the embarrassing situation with Miss Redwood and just got my head down into some work, then one day I was invited to a party by one of my workmates Dave, he and a few of his mates were just going for a few drinks then off for a curry later in the evening. It was a great night out as we sat in the curry house I got chatting with Dave, then he turned to me and said the strangest thing "she's a stuck up bitch Miss Redwood isn't she?" I hesitated for a moment and replied: "What makes you say that Dave?" As Dave broke another popadom in half he continued to say "Aw no reason in particular she looks down her nose at me and she has no reason to, the fucking bitch! The last company she worked for Parnell's office supplies in Oxford, both her, and her boyfriend worked there together in the purchasing department until the boyfriend got caught stealing money by creating dodgy purchase orders he got sacked instantly but she managed to keep her job but eventually she left under a cloud, if Mr. Biggs knew this he would never have hired her in the first place, if he found out I bet she wouldn't last a week!" I was absolutely shocked with this news my mouth wide open I said: "are you sure?" Dave looked me in the eye and said "Sure! Of course, I'm sure! My wife was the canteen manager there for 10 years and she knew everybody and everything she told me of this the day Miss Redwood started at Briggs Printers."

The next day I woke with a bit of a hangover. You know when sometimes you wake up, for a few moments you don't know instantly what you are or even who you are well that was one of those moments. It sort of went like this. How am I? Dave, beer, Indian, oh fuck!! Miss Redwood!! I jumped out of bed feeling good with my new knowledge and eager for payback, but I had to wait for the right moment, over the next few days I worked on Dave to extract as much information out of him as possible, and Dave was very willing to oblige it seems that Miss redwoods feller, as was, had an arrangement with a local bottled gas company he raised purchase orders for gas bottles which were never delivered once the company had paid the invoice the boyfriend was given a substantial cash backhander from the Gas Company with no questions asked.

About a month later I had a brief encounter with Miss Redwood over deliveries of ink for a big order that we were doing for a company in London, and we were on a tight deadline. I had sent here a memo basically to say that we were running out of ink and if we don't get a delivery soon it would be on her head not mine she instantly replied and summoned me to her office to discuss the problem.

When I arrived in the corridor the door was ajar so I just knocked and waited then suddenly the door was opened by Miss Redwood she had a stern look on her face and said "Come in Peter and sit down" I walked into the perfumed office and sat in the chair opposite her desk she looked amazing and she knew it as she sat on the edge of the desk in front of me she was wearing a very revealing pink shirt with a very sexy black pencil skirt, tan pantyhose and pink court shoes to match her blouse.

"Ok," she said "keep your eyes on my face Peter, not my tits or my legs, and as I'm sitting on my stunning ass we won't have to worry about you ogling that now will we?" She looked at me like I was a piece of shit then said "I don't have to explain to a little worm like you how I do my work the ink will be with us by the end of the week so you had better spread your workload out to make the reserves of ink last the week, do you understand Peter?" Again using her power of authority over me yet again she humiliated me in front of her.

I was so angry I spoke out! "I was only asking Miss Redwood just doing my job to find out about the delivery of ink, you don't have to speak to me that way, and humiliate me in this fashion I'm not a piece of dirt on your shoe!" Miss redwood glared at me and said: "I am not accountable to a little tosser like you Peter so don't push your luck or you may be looking for a new job soon!" That was it for me so I let her have it both barrels. "I would be careful what you say, Miss Redwood If Mr. Biggs finds out about your little scam you and your boyfriend had a Parnell's you could be out of here faster than a speeding bullet!." Her face went red with shock and she suddenly became very agitated then I said: "Nice little scam you both had there with the bottled gas company!" She turned away from me as if to gather her thoughts on what to say next then she faced me again and said "I was totally unaware of that situation, yes he was my boyfriend but at the time he was caught with his hands in the till I had no part of it and finished with him as soon as he was found out!" she said with panic in her voice.

I hesitated for a moment then said: "But will Mr.Biggs see it that way, Miss Redwood?" Miss Redwood looked down at the floor then said "maybe we got off on the wrong foot Peter" I instantly replied "yes maybe we have got off on the wrong foot, all the wrong being done by you! Miss Redwood, what are you going to do to stop me telling him?" "You wouldn't tell him, Peter, what would you possibly hope to gain from that?" "Revenge Miss Redwood for treating me like a dog I have nothing to lose" Miss Redwood now with a half smile on her face and a much softer disposition said, "What can I do to put things right Peter?" I looked at her almost feeling sorry for the situation she was now in, but I had this amazing hold over her and I wasn't about to let it go. So I said "I will think about it Miss Redwood and let you know tomorrow I will be in your office at 11am with an offer I hope you will accept for my silence in this matter." I stood up and walked out of her office closing the door behind me. I went to bed early that night and contemplated my deal what could I ask her to possibly do for me to maintain my silence.

The next morning I had it all thought through so I boldly walked up to her office and knocked on the door. I heard the sound of her heels as she walked across the office, she quickly opened the door and greeted me with the most amazing smile her teeth looking like white pearls in the beaming smiling face. "Come on in Peter I have been waiting for you please take a seat, and call me Lynda," she said in a very sexy voice. Her manner had changed immensely as I walked in she looked stunning as always but this time even more striking as ever in her black three inch spiked heel pumps. She wore a red long-sleeved Shirt with a short red knee length skirt and showed off every sexy inch of her amazing curved hips and ass, and I could tell all this display was for me to soften me up.

She sat in her chair and glared at me from across the desk and said "OK Peter! You talk and I'll listen and I won't interrupt you at all until you have made your offer to me." I hesitated for a moment with a nervous hesitation then said "Miss Redwood, sorry Lynda, I would like you to wear sexy black pantyhose, then strip menaked and put me over that stunning knee of yours and spank my bare ass as hard as you can, until I can feel my stiff cock digging into your firm thighs. What do you thing?" I no sooner said it, and she replied instantly saying "Ok! That's doable carry on"

Pausing for a moment I said "I want it in a certain way the way I have fantasised about it since my childhood you have the most amazing body with a fantastic pair of beautiful and very sexy legs, although I have never seen your thighs I bet they are very muscular and powerful being a tennis player and all. Basically, I would like you to wear the sexiest black pantyhose with a miniskirt and 4-inch spiked heels, preferably black peep toe sling back sandals so I can see your nylon covered feet and red painted toenails and I don't want this to be a little token spanking either I want hard and unmerciful punishment, and I want it to be at least 1 hour spent on it.

As the beauty looked on she showed no emotion and just listened to my kinky offer. I want you to spank me so hard over that sexy lap of yours that I won't be able to sit down for a month, is that ok?" Lynda looked down at the desk as though contemplating my perverted request then she suddenly lifted her head looking me straight in the eye and said "Actually I am amazed I feel quite relieved, I thought for one moment you were going to ask me for money! Ok we have a deal, and if I give you this spanking, do I have your word you will keep your silence and this will be the end of it?" "Yes," I replied.

Placing her hands on her hips she said: "Is there anything else you wish to happen before we conclude the final details of this unusually strange spanking request?" "Yes, there is one more thing I want from you to guarantee my total silence" Lynda now with a puzzled look on her face she replied. "Oh, really I would never have guessed! Come on then spit it out!"

The silence filled the room as I hesitated as I knew what I was about to say might wreck this exciting deal of the century I had just negotiated with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, but I wanted more and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I may never experience again so I looked away from her gaze as I knew this would be difficult for me to say, and also for her to hear."Ok one more request! Once the spanking is over with I would be delighted if you would allow me to spread those gorgeous legs of yours and slowly lick the gusset of your pantyhose, then I want you to make a little hole in the reinforcement of the pussy covered fabric with your sexy red fingernails, and invite me in to eat your juicy wet cunt!

I would love to peel your knickers to one side with my tongue and slowly eat that gorgeous tight little pussy of yours until you cum all over my face. Finally! I would like to lie on the floor in front of you and have the most amazing wank looking at those stunning legs of yours." I lifted my eyes and looked Lynda straight in the eye and I could see her face was distorted with a disgusted look then she looked away over into the corner of the room. I was expecting the worst response as she stood up and walked over to the window without saying a word, crossing her arms she stood looking out onto the street then she suddenly said: "I will be on my period then will that matter?" I looked at that amazing ass of her's as she stood by the window with every amazing curve of her awesome body and as lust took full control of my brain I replied. "Lynda, I have never been with such a beautiful woman like you and I would be honoured if you would allow me to taste your sweetness, it won't matter that you are on your period as I will be a pleasure to eat that beautiful pussy of yours I have only dreamt of for months now. she hesitated for a moment thinking I had blown it she suddenly said, "Ok! Be here at 2pm on Sunday when the place is closed, the factory will be totally empty so the sound of a good hard spanking won't be heard by anyone. I will unlock the side gate at the main entrance, and open the emergency exit door at the side of the building. What would you like me to wear?" she said dominantly.

When Sunday finally came I made my way to the factory and sure enough, the side gate was open as she said it would be I walked slowly across the car park to emergency door at the side of the building and entered with an excited feeling in my tummy. I made my way up the staircase to Lynd's office and knocked on the door. The office door suddenly opened and there stood Lynda, she absolutely took my breath away she was standing at least 6ft 6 inches tall she was wearing a long white fashionable rain coat that stopped just below the calves of her stunning legs, as I had asked her to wear high-end black pantyhose and oh gosh! she didn't disappoint me what I could see of her legs gave me an instant hard on as she stood there in black sling back peep toe sandals with long spiked stiletto heels her makeup was flawlessly applied and she looked beautifully mesmerising, I looked into her dark hazel eyes, then her mouth and lips with juicy red lipstick and her auburn hair all tied up attractively in a very glamorous ponytail. "Come on get in here?" Lynda said in a seductive voice. "Yes of course" I replied eagerly.

I walked in and as I passed her I had the most delicious aroma of channel No 7 as I walked into her office. She walked in behind me, as she did so, I was blown away by the sight of her stunning ankles covered in high-quality black nylon and very soon I was going over her stunning legs to be spanked. Lynda walked into the centre of the office and stood directly in the middle of the room with a superior look on her face she did a 360 degree scan of the office then she said "I think I will give you your spanking in the middle of the room push back the desk Peter and bring me over two of those hard backed chairs and place them in the centre of the room facing each other about 6ft apart" I did as I was told as I pushed back her desk then positioned the chairs as instructed, Lynda started to unbutton her elegant raincoat as I paused to watch her for a moment the most beautiful and astounding view came into sight, Lynda's beautiful legs!!! OMG!! She opened her coat the spectacle just got better and better as more and more of her stunning legs came into view. What can I say; I don't think I can find the words to describe the most amazing wonderment of Lynda's terrific and very formidable thighs. Taking off her coat and throwing it onto the desk I had just pushed back I looked in admiration as she stood in the middle of the room this towering Amazonian beauty in a white satin blouse and a very short mini skirt that just stopped short of her pussy to harmonize with her eye-catching pantyhose covered curvaceous pins.

"Take off all your clothes and go sit on the other chair in front of me until I give you further instructions," She said dominantly. As I was taking off my clothes I couldn't help watching Lynda as she walked around from the back of the chair to sit on it, as she sat down her miniskirt rose up to reveal 100 % of shiny black nylon clad thigh complemented with a beautiful vista of the gusset of her black lacy knickers the sight of which was the trigger for an even bigger boner looming in my shorts.

She sat in front of me with her legs crossed high and I just knew this was going to be the most memorable day of my life she sat there looking tall and well-designed by her creator, her thighs were about 3ft long, generous well turned strong and beautiful, made even more amazing with sexy black high-end hosiery stretched over her striking limbs, at this point I was thinking this is the stuff most men just dream about and never get to experience. I was so lucky to be just even in the same room as she let alone to be spanked over her intimidating lap. I am now very excited and feeling very horny as I stared at her fabulous legs in and anticipation of what was about to happen.

Then she suddenly spoke, "Peter I am going to give you the spanking of your life over my knee and as you have blackmailed me into doing this I promise you I won't spare the rod at all. Come over here and stand by me." I instantly did as I was told my bum tingling with a desperate wanting. I stood by her with a massive erection in readiness for my impending punishment then she said. "Have a look at my beautiful thighs Peter before I put you over my knee"

OMG! I thought my cock was going to burst she suddenly grabbed my erect member taking hold of it with her left hand, she wrapped her sexy fingers around my cock gripping it hard using it as a handle to pull me down over her mouth-watering lap parting her legs ever so slightly to accommodate my now very swollen penis as she pulled me into position. As I draped myself over her intimidating lap she inserted my cock between her legs and brought her thighs together with a formidable gripping action that held me tightly between her spectacular legs.

Then she said. "You have been a very naughty boy Peter and I am going to punish you accordingly for having such bad thoughts about me" no sooner had the words came from her luscious lips she brought down her hand with a violent slap on the right cheek of my bare ass, followed quickly by another then another, each slap getting harder and harder as the start of the hard spanking she had promised me began. She was absolutely fantastic as each blow rained down on my aching backside I could feel her anger and disgust in every wallop she gave me, it felt wonderful, so wonderful I was pushing my bottom up to meet her hand half way, and of course my excitement was intensified by the sight of her magnificent legs and heels as I lay across her warm and well-built thighs.

Then she suddenly pushed me off her lap onto the floor and said "This is not working for me your too excited I think it's time to try something a little more painful go open my desk drawer, there are some little toys in there you're going to get acquainted with, a hard wooden paddle and a leather strap bring them to me" She said angrily.

I did as she said and went over to the desk drawer, when I opened it there was a terrifying wooden paddle with holes in it and a thick dark brown leather strap about 12 inches long. "Give me the paddle and put the strap on the desk and come stand beside me" I instantly followed her instruction I handed her the wooden paddle then stood beside her magnificent lap waiting for her next command. Lynda placed the paddle on the floor then she said: "I see you still have that erection Peter is that with looking at my legs?" Yes I replied it is Lynda their absolutely gorgeous. "well, we will see if you still have that stiff cock after twenty or so swats with the paddle" I was just about to get over her lap again desperate for more when she said, No you don't I want your naughty bottom higher so I don't have to put a lot of energy into my swing" And at that, she crossed her stunning legs, right thigh over left. OMG!! What an amazing view of her powerful right thigh covered in rich black nylon just begging me to bend over it.

My cock now rock hard with this incredible sight as I felt a little surge of pre-cum force itself to the end of my knob. With her hands on her hips, she said just one word "Over!" As I bent across her stunning right thigh she had crossed her legs so high and tight that both my feet left the floor and my hands wouldn't touch the floor on the other side I was totally helpless and at Lynda's mercy. I could feel the intense warmth from her nylon covered thigh as I lay in position waiting for my punishment, and what made it even more exciting was the fact that her stiletto heel of her right shoe was only a couple of inches from my face I could literally smell the leather of her sexy high heel.

Then she picked up the paddle from the floor and without any warning at all she brought it down full swing against my venerable backside with tremendous force. Shit! Fuck! Bugger!! Oh, Ouch!! This really hurts, it wasn't pleasant at all and I was thinking wow I can't take much more of this it's just not the same as her right hand as the paddle went to work I literally had nothing to hold on too as Lynda pounded my bare ass without any mercy I just had to lay there helpless and let her do her work. And why should she show any mercy I had just blackmailed her into doing it in the first place. Within seconds my stiff cock was a soft little sausage as all horny thoughts left my body as a result of the intense pain I was now feeling in my buttocks "I'll teach you to blackmail me Peter, every time you see my legs from now on you'll think of this burning pain in your ass" she said vengefully!

Then suddenly after about 50 swats or so and believe me I wasn't counting, she stopped and pushed me off her lap onto the floor just like she did before and said "now get up! And go sit on the chair opposite and wait for my next instruction" I got up quickly so as not to make her any more angry as she was already and gingerly sat on the chair my backside feeling like it had just been stung by a million wasps.

I sat there very uncomfortable indeed but I didn't dare move. As the pain subsided, a lovely warm glow ran over my body, my cock with a mind of its own started to go hard again as I watched Lynda get up from the chair the motion of those magnificent legs as she walked around to the back of the chair then picking it up, she moved it and placed it with the back resting against the desk, still standing, she lifted her sexy right foot onto the chair seat and proceeded to elegantly smoothed out the wrinkles of her sheer pantyhose with both hands in a stroking motion all the way from her ankle to the top of her thigh.

Then she placed her left foot on the chair seat and repeated exactly the same process, but this time, as soon as she had finished she just kept her left foot in position on the chair seat. I could see the inside of her beautiful left thigh towering high as she stood on her 6-inch spiked heel. She looked magnificent in her mini skirt now virtually at waist level revealing the gusset of her sexy black knickers, then, she bent over and picked up the leather strap from the desk she looked at me hesitated for a moment then said "Get over here Peter you're going over my left knee to have your punishment finished and believe me you are going to feel every stroke of this leather strap!"

I got up from the chair and walked over to Lynda and stood on her right side "Why do you look so terrified Peter. This is what you have dreamt of for such a long time getting acquainted with my lovely legs. Well! Take a long hard look at my left thigh Peter because you're going over it in a few moments for a good hard leathering I do hope my legs will still have the same sexual appeal for you after I have finished beating your backside. In fact, before we start why don't you get on your knees and worship my shoe. Then you can start kissing my leg all the way to the top, take your time because once you get to the top it's leathering time."

I rubbed a hand over my very sore rear, trying to cherish the final moments of my last chapter in my spanking with Lynda This one was going to hurt, I could tell, but I so wanted to get over her stunning knee and feel my stiff cock pressing against her powerful thigh. She jammed the chair back hard against the desk with her sexy left foot so It would be steady and not move as during my punishment. The spanking with the belt was going to be painful, and the look in her eye told me she was going to make it hurt very much; then, she patted her knee with her left hand and said. "Well, you knew what's coming to you Peter. I really think you deserve this for lusting at my legs all day and fantasying about getting your nose into my knickers and licking my tight little cunt. Well! If you can handle the punishment I'm about to give and you don't scream out I may just let you pleasure me with your tongue" "Yes please," I said meekly.

She dug in her heel on the chair so that her knee was high enough to give a platform for me to lie across, she pointed to a position on the floor and I circled the desk to join her on the far side. Her hands ran over her stocking leg, smoothing out the nylon before she guided me down across her knee. I lay still, my body pressed against her thigh I could see the tip of my stiff cock protruding out under her beautiful nylon thigh, waiting patiently for punishment. She ran her hand over my sore ass, probing at my flesh."You know I'm going to hurt you," she said, her"hand resting on my ass. "I know," I said quietly to the floor."You're a dirty pervert, and need to be taught a lesson." "I understand, Lynda," I said. "I deserve it." Her hand was kneading at me, and my blood had begun pounding in my ears at the sight of her stunning limbs, then she slid her hand along the far side of her thigh just under my tummy and took hold of my stiff cock giving it a three or four slow wanking strokes making sure to pull my foreskin right back each time for maximum tease.

I felt her lay the leather strap on my back then with her right hand she placed it on my hips and positioning me a little more securely. "blackmail is a very serious offence, so, you are going to get the belting of your life. Are you ready?" I hung my head and infused my voice with shame, even as my nostrils thrilled with her familiar scent. "I'm ready," I said. "I know better than to ask you to be gentle." She began with two quick spanks of the belt, a little rebuke. It wasn't the real punishment yet. "Why would I be gentle, after you have blackmailed me?" she asked. "You wouldn't, Lynda," I said, letting the word slip out again before I could stop it. For emphasis, she gave me another two. These were much harder, and I couldn't help but yelp slightly as the belt made contact with my tensed rear. They were enough to leave a lingering pain that was not entirely gone by the next time she raised the belt and brought it down again.

With the new belt in hand, she wastes no time and gets right to work. With the thick and heavy belt, each stroke brings a new level of pain and tears come quickly once again as it hurt so much. As she brings down the leather belt, again and again, there is no sight to the end of the whipping, approaching I just lay there over her stunning lap taking each stroke of the belt and praying for it to be over soon the only thing that kept me in position was the sight of leg eye candy and the thoughts that soon I will be pulling the gusset of her steamy knickers to one side with my tongue to taste her sweetness, Then I made a very big mistake. After a particularly hard stroke of the belt, I screamed "Son of a BITCH", which was exactly the wrong thing to do. As a result, she started to wield the heavy belt harder and faster until the pain was so unbearable I scream out


Then to my surprise she suddenly stopped and all went quiet as I lay over her knee she didn't move at all except for a little muscle twitching in the calf of her left leg, again she slid her left hand along the outside of her strong and well turned thigh and grabbed my now not so swollen cock and started to play with the end of my dick at the same time she grabbed my hair and pulled me up fast off from her sexy lap into a standing position. My backside still burning she pulled my head back with her right hand and brought her face up close to mine. And said "You filthy bastard!! How dare you lust after my legs then to blackmail me in a perverted attempt in the hope I might let you lick my pussy" then suddenly pushing my head forward she pushed my face within a few inches of her thigh and said "This is what you fantasise about my stunning legs my well-toned thighs covered in black nylon isn't it. Well, you must be thinking right now I will soon have my nose in her panties. Aren't you?" "Yes," I said meekly. "well, let's make a little deal, shall we? If I start wanking your pathetic cock and you cum all of my sexy pantyhose lap you won't get to lick my pussy, but if you can endure me wanking you off for 5 minutes and resist the temptation to cum I will let you smell the gusset of my pantyhose and allow you to fulfil your fantasy."

At that Lynda started to stroke my cock until it was at bursting point then I looked down at her beautiful legs her skirt up high around the top of her thighs I could see the gorgeous curvaceous bulge of her cunt covered in black lacy panties just hoping I could last out the full 5 minutes as I so wanted to eat out her tight little cunt hole, lifting her right hand to look at her watch she said "Three minutes left Peter think you can make it?" As the veins in my now very stiff cock started to expand she started to wank me off faster stroking the full length of my stiff cock from the helmet to the hilt.

It felt absolutely fantastic, but I had to try to resist If I wanted the precious prize between her stunning legs but at the same time I could feel that coming feeling in my balls as she started to wank my cock faster and faster she raised her right hand again and said "Oh Peter! Only 2 minutes left could this mean you're going to get to lick my juicy pussy after all?" then Then she suddenly stopped wanking me, and placed my cock on the top of her thigh I was thinking she had decided to go with the defeat option after all, and allow me access to her sweet shaved haven, Then she said. "Look at it Peter it's desperate to ejaculate wouldn't you just love to blow your hot sticky white load all over my astounding thigh and cover all that black nylon in piping hot spunk?" At that she quickly looked at her watch and said "One minute left let's see if you can hold out in my left hand the whole minute" she instantly grabbed my cock again with her sexy hand proceeded to wank my throbbing cock as hard as she could, but this time while she was doing it she started to spank my backside hard with her right hand she knew exactly what she was doing the sexy minx

She was using all the tricks she could to get me to explode my load. I started to breathe heavily as the volcano in my balls was starting to erupt, then, all of a sudden she stopped spanking me and looked at her watch and said. "ten, nine eight, seven, six" I could feel the pressure in my balls and was ready to come "five, four, three, two." "Noooooo!! Wooooerrr!!" I screamed out load as she said the number two, I shot my load all over her gorgeous left thigh showering her black pantyhose with hot white jizz. Then she said "Aw!! Poor Peter has cum all over Lynda's pantyhose and won't be allowed to lick Lynda's tight little sexy shaved pussy, isn't that a shame!" OMG!!! My body was still shuddering as Lynda continued to finish me off with her left hand to make sure every drop of spunk was drained from my body just to prove she had won her little game.

By G C Warren,

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