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"Mistress Komakino is quite unlike most Dommes I have come across in my time searching for the right one to suit me, she understands that a level of trust both ways is required and essential to the best experience for everyone involved. Mistress also unlike the majority of Dommes does not make you feel like her sole intention is to take as much money from you as fast as possible and wants you to have a fun and memorable experience.

Mistress is non-judgemental and open-minded on a large variety of kinks and fetishes and doesn't bad and eyelid at most. She may be fun and friendly at times and strict and dominering at other times, great Mistress and highly recommended."

"[Mistress Komakino] I was very lucky to session with this beauty. To be spanked by such a strong woman is a must. She spanked me over her left knee, I was left totaly hanging with absolutly no escape. She promised me she was going to give me the hardest spanking of my life, and boy did she mean it. The whole time, I just could'nt take my eyes off her strong pantyhose thighs. Book this lady!!"

"Any time you can get with Mistress Komakino will be an experience you'll never forget, the dominance she holds over me makes me tremble with anticipation. Looking forward to our next appointment."
- Alex

Mistress Komakino
Central London

I am not like your average Mistress. I do not put on a fake persona to create a fantasy woman that ticks every cliche in the book.

I am 100% dominant in my everyday life and everything I do which makes it all the more fun when I have you at my knees begging for mercy.

I am 5'7" (170cm), size 14-16, shoulder length red/brown haired, hourglass shape with legs that could smother you in a second.

I have been known to make men cry as I whisper into their ear while they are lying blindfolded at my feet with a total loss of control.

I do not wear cheap costumes, I wear designer dresses and expensive lingerie (take note financial subs) and whatever beautiful eye-catching jewellery I feel like.

I have a background in fashion and it is still very much a big part of my life so I wouldn't be caught dead doing anything without looking my absolute best.

I do not take kindly to people pretending to be submissive, you must know your true place at my feet.

You are not equal to me, you are not to tell me what to do and if I see you trying to take control I will knock you down and punish you harder.

I am naturally dominant and sadistic and I will never let you forget that I am above you. As I am tying you up or stepping on you with my high heels, I will do it with a smile and watch the fear set in.

I take sessions very seriously and tailor each one specific to the requests made; we will discuss what you would like to do in the sessions, what your limitations are (no permanent marks, physical disabilities, etc...) and if there is anything you are curious about.

You will be pushed to your limits and there is no going back.

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