Singapore Mistress
Singapore Mistress

Nikky French  Singapore: Visiting soon – Doha 8th – 10th April  +447935068177  WhatsApp

Lana Silverberg  Singapore: Visiting soon – Hong Kong 22nd Mar – 23rd Mar 

Mistress Singapore

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Mistress Singapore
You love the torture of Tease & Denial so let’s explore this combination of GFE & BDSM. We all have two sides, so why not explore them both? Variety is, after all, the spice of life. And I am definitely spicy. Let me butter you up with sweet kisses and soft words, raising your temperature and speeding your heartbeat with the caresses of a lover. Then I’ll switch on the excitement, you beneath my boots, under the tender attentions of my paddle, or begging from your knees. Teasing, touching, a delicious torment that brings you more pleasure than you’ve ever experienced. . . And so much more.

Mistress Caittrin Singapore

2019 Touring

Hong Kong | 12 Mar
Sydney |  25 & 26/Mar
Brisbane | 27 & 28/Mar
Melbourne | 29/Mar
San Francisco  |  3 – 6/May
Los Angeles | 7- 9/May
Amsterdam | 27/May
London | 29 & 30/May
Berlin |  4 & 5/June


Ever dream of being mindfucked and dominated by a young petite Domme with an innocent look?

Be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids and sweet deceiving smile when I hear you moan. For the feet lovers, meet My pair of UK 3 high arches. I do not have the typical oriental face.

Born and raised in Singapore, My definition of empowerment does not only derived from kinky domination. Being book smart, well-read and multi-talented is valuable in this ever-changing global world of ours. A lifestyle player and kink educator, dive deep into My lifestyle through My blog.

I often travel around the world to meet other kinky communities and Dominatrices. If you’re lucky, you might have the chance to play with Me at My convenience when I’m touring in your city



Mistress Evangeline Ducharme Visiting Singapore 6th – 11th April

Singapore Mistress

Mistress Evangeline Ducharme

Visiting Singapore

6th – 11th April


Witty, elegant, domineering, seductive, powerful, endearing, twisted… you will surrender to my intoxicating supremacy. I best describe my domination style as “the sensual huntress’s intuition”. I will study every inch of your anatomy, will unravel the folds your psyche and closely observe each of your reactions before I lure you into my traps. Engaging you into the tango of life, the predator seeking it’s prey letting the outcome unfold organically from each others instinctive responses. No interaction is ever the same with me, my ephemeral scenes are to be lived “here” and “now”.

Domination is innate in me. Already as a child, I remember crushing boys balls in my hands, feeling the skin bubble up between my fingers, imposing my superiority being as young as 4 years old. My thirst for control grew with time and my tactics refined towards grasping minds and converting them into my toys. “Bossy” is the best adjective to describe me and I will stubbornly fight to have it my way. If you choose the high way, I will gleefully watch your painful fall.

I have been into body work and various BDSM practices for more than 8 years and my unquenchable curiosity pushes me to constantly perfect myself. Please ask me for complex and/or dangerous kinks, I am a sapiosexual and stimulating my intellect is my greatest desire and turn on.

Dominatrix Iris Touring Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo a few times a year. You can sign up for my newsletter through my website to be notified when my tour dates are confirmed. Appointment are accepted only through my website’s Reservation Form:
Singapore Mistress Iris
Singapore Mistress Iris
Originally from Japan, I am the perfect mix of East and West. I was born a deviant little angel and I have been an active lifestyle Domme for over 10 years. My manner is sweet, sensual and nurturing, yet wild, mischievous and erotic…the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experience.

Lady Angelina

Visiting soon

Singapore Mistress
The Erotic Art of Sensual Domination. 
I am mistress Angelina. A beautiful Dominatrix from Germany.  I have blond hair white skin and legs that were made to be worshiped.
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is, my enchanting physical appearance coupled with my natural ability to be dominant means I always get whatever I want. My Experience & Knowledge allows me to utilize my natural attributes and gain the knowledge to inflict physical pain and psychological torture, command servitude and captivate your body and mind in every session. Read More

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Mistress Claire Delacroix

Visiting Soon

Singapore Mistress

I am an Italian Top Mistress with a deep and elegant charm.
My angelic beauty, due to its sinful nature, will make you bow down to my divine feet,
losing yourselves in adoration and submission, succubi of my domination of real and upper class, but also especially sadistic.


I am a great lover of many Fetish and BDSM practices, to which I will subject you with objective and extensive knowledge and awareness, albeit with
unyielding and categorical determination.
I love to submit you psychologically and to look at you from above, sitting on my throne, while you are
kneeling before me, begging in order to worship my beautiful shoes, my stockings and my perfect feet, number thirty-eight. Read more

booking: +39 391 399 221 (WhatsApp),



Mistress Eva

Singapore Dominatrix
British-Asian Professional and Lifestyle Mistress. Erotic Dominatrix.
Mistress Eva is a classically trained and highly reviewed international Dominatrix. She is frequently praised for her ‘exquisite seduction’ and deviously ‘delicious’ ways.
A genuine Dominant – Mistress Eva will guide you into your ultimate submission. It begins with your desires, limits and the safe word of the day – and it ends with you gagging for more.
Sessions: Slave Girl Doubles – Double Domme – Social Appointments – are offered to genuine submissives

Contact me:
+61413859389 (WhatsApp)

Mistress Euryale


In a typical BDSM session, Mistress Euryale creates a healthy, safe and consensual space, in which she accompanies her subjects in a space-time where all fantasies – of their submission – are allowed, as discussed beforehand. From an impermanent relationship arises a changing complicity; the barometer of domination/submission relationships being exciting and infinite.

While she has practiced the pleasures of sadomasochism, dragging her submissives into the reefs of her sadism – physical pain oriented, she has also explored more deeply the psychological aspects of BDSM plays.

Mistress Euryale sees her domination as a practice at the border of art, in a spontaneous and creative perspective. Read More


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Madame Jacqueline 

Singapore Mistress
I’m Madame Jacqueline Domina beautiful, charming and sadistic Italian Mistress.
Seduce men has always been easy for me, I like to exercise my power over them by subjecting them with my charm to my will and my whims. I love the psychological and physical domination,  humiliated, derided, punished…

When you will be in front of me you will not be able to do anything else that crawl under the gaze of my beautiful green eyes.

As a dominant woman I do not like “shopping lists”, but I appreciate the submissives who decide to let themselves be led and to rely on me, I am however extremely attentive to the limits and predispositions of the subjects who present themselves in front of me.

SERIOUSNESS, RESPECT and EDUCATION are the basis of the relationships that I maintain with my subordinates and are essential.


Nikky French

Singapore Dominatrix
If you’re searching for an exclusive Singapore Dominatrix and a high-class companion with a joie de vivre, who loves her food and all the finest things that life offers, look no further …    In essence, a Singapore & Hong-Kong Dominatrix that you won’t find anywhere else! My style of BDSM in like nothing you’ve experienced anywhere else in Singapore & Hong-Kong.  You’ll experience an exquisite mix of pleasure, pain, and ecstasy. I love working with newbies, who haven’t had their BDSM virginity taken as well as the discerning and experienced kink and fetish lovers. I’m naturally dominant and an alpha female at all times and my style of BDSM is known to be both wicked and playful.  It’s why I’m called the Smiling Sadist and I’ll take you to places you’ve never dreamed of!!
Next Tour: Watch this space
Whatsapp : +447 935 068 177

Kountess Von Kink visiting Singapore Soon!!

Mistress Sandra

Singapore Dominatrix

As a professional dominatrix Mistress, Sandra’s style ranges from soft and sensual tie & tease and bondage, to humiliating role play. If called on, she won’t hesitate to include more extreme scenarios including ball busting and whipping. Mistress’s stunning hourglass body, powerful mind, and that deceiving sweet smile will take you to another world.

Domina loves to push the limits whether you are a novice, masochist or a highly experienced slave. A challenge is always welcome and assures a fulfilling and mutually satisfying experience. Take the ride of your unexplored fantasies of delight and debauchery – you will beg her to come back for more.


Lana Silverberg

Singapore Dominatrix
You love the torture of Tease & Denial so let’s explore this combination of GFE & BDSM. We all have two sides, so why not explore them both? Variety is, after all, the spice of life. And I am definitely spicy.
Let me butter you up with sweet kisses and soft words, raising your temperature and speeding your heartbeat with the caresses of a lover. Then I’ll switch on the excitement, you beneath my boots, under the tender attentions of my paddle, or begging from your knees. Teasing, touching, a delicious torment that brings you more pleasure than you’ve ever experienced. . . And so much more.
#Singapore 16th – 22nd November
Lana Silverberg #Singapor #Brisban Stockholm
Whatsapp: +61 450 884 569

Kountess Von Kink


I am a naturally Dominant British Seductress. Glamorous, Bossy, Kinky, Free spirited & Hedonistic.
At a young age, I discovered my Fierce Femininity could be used to tease, torment & rule over the weaker sex. Femdom was clearly my calling. My Destiny.

If you are imagining me to be a typical Mistress, a cold sadistic Bitch who wants to hurt you, think again. Time spent with me is sensual, erotic, therapeutic & life-enhancing.  Yes, I will take control but it’s all about kink, taboo tease & denial rather than just hardcore BDSM.  I am a Fetish Actress specialising in role play. A Goddess who demands to be worshipped & a Therapist who will help you accept & explore your secret desires just as much as I am a Dominatrix.


Tel +44 7789 513969

Lady Grace

Singapore Dominatrix Mistress
Lady Grace is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix from San Francisco, California. A highly intuitive Domme who loves to tease & control, Mistress Grace is the embodiment of elegance and erotic dominance.
Her long legs and graceful model figure are a sight to behold clad in the finest of lingerie, custom latex, and sky-high stilettos.
She is the FemDom Goddess you long to worship and a true Dominant you will be eager to please.
Submit to Her and you will be reborn anew…

Singapore Dominatrix Mistress BDSM services for Professional Asian and oriental dominatrix, mistress, fetish model and dungeon listings in the following areas of Asia, Australia, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo.

Mistress Ali

Mistress Ali
Hong Kong

Mistress Jean

Mistress Jean


Mistress Alice

Hong Kong


Mistress Domina


Mistress Lorita

Mistress Loreta

Mistress Cat

Mistress Cat

Singapore Dominatrix Mistress BDSM, Beautiful Asian dominant women pass sentence in private in all-female court then carry out judicial canings without mercy. pity, or remorse. many men in into heavy caning visit here for no safe word judicial discipline and crave the frighteningly full strokes of the Singapore rattan cane administered by beautiful Asian mistresses. also bondage, domination, discipline, submission, sadism, masochism, humiliation, and spanking postings with pics. 

Singapore Mistress
Mistress Singapore

A Mistress or Dominatrix into the fetish scene does not offer sexual intercourse, they only offer services of  female domination as part of their service to clients which may include, spanking, caning, bondage, chastity, domination, submissive, girl power control, humiliation services are purely and exclusively for men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-play, tie and tease, along with other different fetishes for her consideration.

For those of you with fantasies of more advanced BDSM, fetish, Hot Wax Play, CBT, reluctant bi, water sports or just looking for something a bit more adventurous, please check the website  of the dominatrix/mistress to see if such services are on offer before booking as not to waste each other’s time.

Some of the equipment or services in a dungeon or play space may include: – Crops & canes
– Dildos and anal plugs – Electrics – Tazapper  –  Medical room – Gimp masks, gas masks and balaclavas – Internal body camera
– Paddles, tawse, and floggers  – Leather, bike gear & boots  – Ropes, restraints, and collars – Strap-on dildo
– Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of gas masks – Spanking Bench
– Whips – Rope or chain winch. We hope you enjoy your BDSM

Spanking is still one of the most sortafter mistress services in Hong Kong is over the knee spanking administered by a strict powerful sexy asian woman with strong athletic powerful legs, especially if she is wearing stockings or pantyhose as this heightens the pleasure having the genitals rubbing against her warm nylon thighs as the spanking ensues, the sectacular  view the spankee sees as he lies over her sexy lap can be very exciting indeed, and create a very stiff erection looking at her stunning legs, ankles, high heels, and up skirt shots, as well as the stinging backside. all add to the pleasure of the punishment over her intimidating lap.