Mistress Zhang Hong Kong 10th – 14th February 2019

Mistress Hong Kong
Mistress Zhang Hong Kong

Greetings Enlightened Libertines,

It is with great pleasure that I have the freedom to explore untrammeled kink in all manner of delightful deviance. I have a lifestyle-oriented approach to how I operate as a Dominant as expressed in my standards of communication, Victorian-era level etiquette, and my fondness for the subtleties of high protocol in Total Power Exchange.

BDSM is the mutual exchange of power and authority to be transferred away or towards one under the protection of trust, respect, and open communication. An erotic equipoise between the cerebral and the sexual, kink elevates our primal instincts from that of the animal to the artist. I find it incredibly erotic when one surrenders oneself to another, holding nothing back and living joyously in the moment of utter self erasure.

I ADORE sissies, slave-minded men and women, and–especially–extreme masochists. Nothing brings me more sadistic satisfaction than the sound of my whip cracking as it kisses the bare skin of my pain receivers, their primal cries of agony lubricates my skull and reinforces my reptilian dominance. I want them to endure the relentless pain until it ends in a paroxysm of laughter and tears. I live for these exquisite moments.

Control is my medium. I want my subjects to feel the hypnotic effects of their minds shutting down, simplified to ONE objective: to please the Mistress. I want my OWN mind to shut down, spiraling inwards to a deep trance of seduction, artful manipulation, and heightened focus on your submission.

I want to understand the control panels in your brain so that I can seize it like a joystick.

I want to strip you of your pretenses, naked in front of me in your authentic, vulnerable state.

I want to achieve the intense DOM-space and SUB-space that makes us feel as though we are the only two people in the world.

If you want what I want, then it will behoove you to peruse my Mind of the Mistress page. Afterward, you will compose an introduction mirroring my standards, to be sent to my email at MissAvaZhang@gmail.com. I will then examine your sincere message for my judgement and approval.  The Dominance/submission dynamic is a sacred exchange of power, thus I do not expect—nor wish—for you to display supplication from the outset. We will communicate as courteous equals until we have established a hierarchy.

Website: MissAvaZhang.com