Maya Sin

Mistress Maya Sin Based in Poland (Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow) 
Stay tuned for travel dates to Europe, London, and Berlin
Your New Goddess – Disciplinarian & Behavioural Targeteer – Mind Hacker – Spiritual sadist
Tired of having to be on top of all your duties and making all the decisions? In need of a strong, beautiful and assertive woman to harness your unruly male desire? Do you take pleasure in the thought of serving and pleasing her? Will you go out of your way to do so and be proactive about it? Are you accomplished in your professional life, yet still looking for meaning? You have come to the right place.  
I am Maya Sin, an ambitious, passionate and unsparing Dominant Female of Indian and French blood based in Gdansk, Poland. I am fluent in English and French. I also speak Spanish and basic Polish. I am the proud co-founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon in Gdansk, Poland, with Melisande Sin, where you can visit me for an extended role-play scenario or a rigorous training programme (24 to 72 hours)?.
I also travel to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hong-Kong and Dubai. My frame is small and delicate and I generate a powerful and mystical aura. You will be hypnotised by my huge brown eyes. My piercing gaze will divest you of your manhood in its socially conventional sense. It will make you feel raw and vulnerable on one hand and safe and nurtured on the other. Calm and collected, I am a true Goddess, yet inherently sadistic. Entangled in my long, wavy Indian dark hair, you will feel possessed by my innocent facial features, yoga-sculpted body and sensual body language. I will strip you off your humanity and punish you for your pathetic male behaviour. Not only will I mould you into the best servant, but also turn you into the best version of yourself. A D/s relationship might be driven by a power dynamic but first and foremost, it is a partnership in which both parties, including the Dominant, value each other’s well-being and strive to make each other grow. Note that sadism does not define me entirely. I will gladly accept meeting you if you are not a masochist or have a lower pain threshold, but can still take part in an interesting session piquing some of my interests.
Influential by nature and blessed with a very analytical mind, I enjoy the process of being in control. I am fascinated by human behaviour as well as harnessing it. Needless to say that males are unruly beings who require their sexual desire to be kept under the control of a strong-willed Woman at all times, which I view as a personal responsiblity to restore a functional order in this world. Although males are usually physically stronger than Females, Females tend to be more nurturing and endowed with a more developed emotional intelligence, which smakes them skilful leaders, as long as men’s egos remain properly managed and men don’t ever get in the way of women by resorting to force (i.e. the Church carrying out “witch hunts” throughout history, against “witches” who only happened to be women who possessed a threatening amount of knowledge). In conjunction with women teaching men to manage their ego, accepting and respecting that women are much better at managing theirs suddenly enable the formation of a functional partnership between men and Women. In this sense, I am a true Female Supremacist.
I have a background in Psychology and my education in the field has supplied me with valuable knowledge to map the male mind and target its failures, using strict methods of Discipline. This has led me to develop the “Behavioural Targeting method”, a strategy designed to identify inappropriate, maladaptive, or just habitual behaviours that are not constructive and correct them by restructuring an entire belief system.
As someone who strives for professional and personal success by refusing to fit our sometimes-questionably arbitrary norms, I strongly encourage people to question social pressures and oppose them in a proactive manner, should they not be conducive to the happiness and fulfilment that society promises they will provide them with. Men are expected to embody dominance at all times but the complexity of human nature is such that we all possess contradictory traits and cannot be narrowed down to one personality type. I will help you explore parts of yourself that you are uncomfortable with and embrace them in order for you to reach a state of acceptance and flow. It can be extremely comforting and even relieving to be in a passive role for one often drains their battery from having to be on top of everything at all times. With me, you will create space in your mind, expand your mental realm and feel liberated.
I practice BDSM in the strict sense of the term, meaning Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism. My interests range from Discipline & Behaviour modification, Humiliation, Power Exchange Games, Bondage & Immobilisation, Breath play to Corporal punishment (the single tail bullwhip is my favourite), Ballbusting, Feminisation, Chastity and Worship. I also enjoy Medical Play. I am a huge Latex fan (preferably off-white, sand or cream) and Gym clothing enthusiast (although I do not frequent the gym but religiously practice yoga everyday) and adore Foot Fetish. I also hold Spirituality close to my heart and see value in incorporating it into my practice. In my opinion, BDSM is a powerful tool to let go of tension, deepen one’s self-knowledge and increase personal development. I believe that pain is a viable path to freedom. “If you can get through pain, you can get through anything.” If managed properly, pain will help you increase your willpower by expanding your resistance to hardship.I also enjoy giving people an opportunity to be closer to their body, and the present moment, through bondage and sensory-deprivation meditations.
Intimate contact, nudity, vulgar language, scat, Anything unsafe or illegal