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Asian Dominatrix Mistress BDSM services for Professional Asian and oriental dominatrix, mistress, fetish model and dungeon listings in the following areas of Asia, Australia, UAE, Dubai.  The Top Ten Asian Cities are 1. HongKong  2. Bangkok  3. Singapore  4. Macau 5. Shenzhen  6.Kuala Lumpur 7. Phuket 8. Tokyo  9. Taipei  10. Seoul – It is estimated that over 400 million tourists will visit Asia in 2019   

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Asia is Earth’s largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It shares the continental landmass of Eurasia with the continent of Europe and the continental landmass of Afro-Eurasia with both Europe and Africa. Did you know: More than 4 billion people live in Asia

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Hong Kong held the title of most visited city in the world for eight consecutive years, up until 2017 followed by Bangkok and London, But in 2018 Bangkok had over 20.5 million visitors making Bangkok the most visited city in the world.

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Globally, the top two cities are located in Asia. Hong Kong remains the largest arrivals city worldwide. Unlike Hong Kong, Bangkok has been performing very strongly in recent years. and is expected to hit the number one spot in 2019

Seoul closes out the top 10 in Asia, but with an expected double-digit decline in 2017, because of the tensions between South Korea and China.

Asia Pacific is the standout region that has driven change in the travel landscape over the past decade, and is expected to continue doing so in the coming decade.

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Facts about Asia. The population is more than 4 billion, yes that’s billion! Land Area: 45,036,490 square kilometres (17,388,690 square miles) It has 48 Countries. Highest Peak: Mount Everest, on the border of Nepal and China, rises 8848 metres (29,029 feet) above sea level. Largest Lake: Caspian Sea. The Top Ten most visited Asian Cities in order of highest tourist numbers in 2018 are  1. Bangkok  2. HongKong  3. Singapore  4. Macau 5. Shenzhen  6.Kuala Lumpur 7. Phuket  8. Tokyo  9. Taipei  10. Seoul – It is estimated that over 400 million tourists will visit Asia in 2019 making it the most visited continent on the planet

A Mistress or Dominatrix into the fetish scene does not offer sexual intercourse, they only offer services of  female domination as part of their service to clients which may include, spanking, caning, bondage, chastity, domination, submissive, girl power control, humiliation services are purely and exclusively for men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-play, tie and tease, along with other different fetishes for her consideration.

For those of you with fantasies of more advanced BDSM, fetish, Hot Wax Play, CBT, reluctant bi, water sports or just looking for something a bit more adventurous, please check the website  of the dominatrix/mistress to see if such services are on offer before booking as not to waste each other’s time.

Some of the equipment or services in a dungeon or play space may include: – Crops & canes
– Dildos and anal plugs – Electrics – Tazapper  –  Medical room – Gimp masks, gas masks and balaclavas – Internal body camera
– Paddles, tawse, and floggers  – Leather, bike gear & boots  – Ropes, restraints, and collars – Strap-on dildo
– Vac-bed  – Doggy cage – Rubber room – Straight Jacket – Large collection of gas masks – Spanking Bench
– Whips – Rope or chain winch. We hope you enjoy your BDSM